Radio Free GAK Episode February 13, 2012

XHM #102 - "Flying hearts will never be untethered" (2012 February 13)

7:32am - 9:05am

Profiling the 3rd Oscar-nominated score, it's Howard Shore's Hugo. There's moody French music to fit in along with a lot of bands visiting Vancouver in the coming week or so. Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Pete Moore: Asteroid
2. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Heart Attack (Out of Frequency, 2011) BMG Rights
3. Pete Moore: Catwalk (Inflight Entertainment, 1970) Inflight Entertainment
4. Wintermitts: Le Paradis (Oc?ans, 2012) self-released?
5. Noah & The Whale: 2 Atoms in a Molecule (Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down, 2008) Vertigo/Mercury
6. Ducktails: Backyard (Backyard, 2009) Release the Bats
7. First Aid Kit: Emmylou (The Lion's Roar, 2012) Wichita
8. Kathleen Edwards: House Full of Empty Rooms (Voyageur, 2012) MapleMusic
9. Flight of the Conchords: Leggy Blonde [w.Rhys Darby] (Flight of the Conchords, 2008) Sub Pop
10. Janko Nilovic: In the Space (Psyc Impressions, 1970) Editions Montparnasse 2000
11. Bret McKenzie: Man or Muppet (The Muppets OST, 2011) Universal
12. Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway,, George Lopez & The Rio Singers: Real in Rio (Rio OST, 2011) Interscope
13. Smokey Johnson: I Can't Help It (Saturday Night Fish Fry: New Orleans Funk and Soul, 1966) Soul Jazz
14. Yamantaka//Sonic Titan: Queens (YT//ST, 2011) Psychic Handshake
15. Jemaine Clement: Pretty Bird (Rio OST, 2011) Interscope
16. Grimes: Genesis (Visions, 2012) Arbutus
17. P Reno: Coast Ride (Morphine: Mambo Jazz Club, 2000) Plastic
18. The Budos Band: Budos Rising (II, 2007) Daptone
19. Paperclip People: Oscillator [original version] (Carl Craig: Sessions, 2008) Studio !K7
20. Andr? Brasseur: Pow Pow (Special Orgue Hammond, 1977) Music for Pleasure
21. Charlotte Gainsbourg: All the Rain (Stage Whisper, 2011) Because
22. Air: Seven Stars [w.Victoria Legrand] (Le Voyage Dans La Lune, 2012) Astralwerks
23. Salem: Skullcrush (Water EP, 2008) Drag
24. Howard Shore: C?ur Volant [w.Zaz] (Hugo OST, 2011) Howe
25. Howard Shore: The Armoire (Hugo OST, 2011) Howe
26. Howard Shore: The Station Inspector (Hugo OST, 2011) Howe
27. Howard Shore: The Movies (Hugo OST, 2011) Howe
28. Howard Shore: Trains (Hugo OST, 2011) Howe
29. Howard Shore: Winding It Up (Hugo OST, 2011) Howe
30. Kris Menace presents Stars on 33: LUV (Let The Music Guide, 2011) Eskimo