Radio Free GAK Episode February 6, 2012

XHM #101.9 - "You're a pony no more" (2012 February 06)

7:29am - 9:01am

War Horse is the 2nd score by John Williams that's nominated for the Oscars this year. Along with that profile, we also pay tribute to Soul Train host Don Cornelius (1936-2012). Respect to engineer Chris for his soldering skills during the show. As well, happy birthday Gavin!

Now, about that sax solo...

1. King Curtis: Hot Potato [Soul Train version] (Soul Train, 1973)
2. Stevie Wonder: Soul Train (Soul Train, 1971)
3. The Soul Train Gang: Soul Train '76 [Get on Board] (The Soul Train Gang, 1976) Soul Train
4. Black Milk: Don Cornelius (Don Cornelius 7", 2010) Fat Beats
5. Eric B & Rakim: I Know You Got Soul (Paid in Full, 1987) 4th & B'way/Island
6. The Beastie Boys: Flute Loop (Ill Communication, 1994) Grand Royal/Capitol
7. Seatrain: Flute Thing (What It Is! Funky Soul and Rare Grooves, 1973) Rhino
8. Guitaro: Chateau 100 (JJ's Crystal Palace, 2011) Helpcomputer
9. No Gold: Good & Bad ([forthcoming album #2!], 2012) forthcoming
10. The Reg Wale Group: Fruity Flute [Theme from "Farmhouse Kitchen"] (Girl in a Suitcase Upgraded, 1971) Winchester Hospital Radio
11. The Jayhawks: Blue (Tomorrow the Green Grass, 1995) American
12. John Blaze: 2012 (Cruised Bowl Lights EP, 2010) self-released
13. Boards of Canada: David Came to Mahana'im (Old Tunes: Volume 2, 1996) Music70
14. The Radio Dept.: David (Clinging to a Scheme, 2010) Labrador
15. Campfires: Amelia (Chicago Compilation, 2011) Twosyllable
16. Bill Geldard: Flute Salad (Cinemaphonic 2: Soul Punch, 1975) Motel
17. dBridge: Wonder Where (Wonder Where 12", 2010) Nonplus
18. Sogar: Selkind (Apikal.Blend, 2003) 12k
19. Franco Micalizzi: Flute Sequence (Chi Sei? OST, 1975) Barclay
20. The Divine Comedy: My Lovely Horse (Gin Soaked Boy single, 1999) Setanta
21. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: That Wuz Ear Me Callin' a Horse (Sport Fishin': The Lure Of The Bait, The Luck Of The Hook, 1993) Cargo
22. John Williams: Dartmoor, 1912 (War Horse OST, 2011) Sony Masterworks
23. John Williams: The Charge and Capture (War Horse OST, 2011) Sony Masterworks
24. John Williams: Joey's New Friends (War Horse OST, 2011) Sony Masterworks
25. John Williams: The Desertion (War Horse OST, 2011) Sony Masterworks
26. John Williams: No Man's Land (War Horse OST, 2011) Sony Masterworks
27. John Williams: Remembering Emelie and Finale (War Horse OST, 2011) Sony Masterworks
28. Don Cornelius: Soul Train [closing] (Soul Train, 1973)
29. MFSB: TSOP [The Sound of Philadelphia, w.The Three Degrees] (Love is the Message, 1974) Philadelphia International

There sure were a lot of flutes this week. There were supposed to be more, mind you.