Radio Free GAK Episode December 5, 2011

XHM #93 - "Que pasa, kielbasa?" (2011 December 05)

7:30am - 9:01am

All for a Sudbury Saturday night: Ox's soundtrack to the pre-production film tUCo. There's also modern Finnish folk, Prince covers and uptempo wonders. Q: Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
A: Lots!

1. John Doe & the Sadies: The Sudbury Nickel (Country Club, 2009) Outside Music
2. Cuff the Duke: Time is Right (Morning Comes, 2011) Paper Bag
3. Future Islands: Before the Bridge (On the Water, 2011) Thrill Jockey
4. Atlas Sound: Modern Aquatic Nightsongs (Parallax, 2011) 4AD
5. First Rate People: Someone Else Can Make a Work of Art (Someone Else Can Make a Work of Art, 2011) self-released
6. Friendly Fires: Live Those Days Tonight (Pala, 2011) XL
7. Emika: Pretend (Emika, 2011) Ninja Tune
8. Felix da Housecat: We All Wanna Be Prince (He Was King, 2009) Nettwerk
9. Spoon: Partyup (Not Turning Off 7", 1996) Matador
10. The Be Good Tanyas: When Doves Cry (Hello Love, 2006) Nettwerk
11. Amy Winehouse: Halftime (Lioness: Hidden Treasures, 2011) Island
12. Kate Wax: Holy Beast [Holden Woolly Beast edit] (The Holden Edits, 2011) Border Community
13. K-X-P: Easy (Easy EP, 2011) Melodic
14. Suo: Manan Unia (Arctic Paradise 2012, 2011) Fimic
15. Pekko K?ppi: Miest? Ly?d??n Kuin Vierasta Sikaa (Arctic Paradise 2012, 2011) Fimic
16. Ox: Burnout (Burnout EP, 2009) Weewerk
17. Ox: Tucoseven (tUCo, 2011) Cosmic Dave's Record Factory
18. Ox: Out on the Weekend (tUCo, 2011) Cosmic Dave's Record Factory
19. Ox: Tuco Pt 69 (tUCo, 2011) Cosmic Dave's Record Factory
20. Ox: Nico (tUCo, 2011) Cosmic Dave's Record Factory
21. Ox: Love Theme from a '70s Movies (tUCo, 2011) Cosmic Dave's Record Factory
22. Prince: Batdance [original version] (Batman OST, 1989) Warner Bros