Radio Free GAK Episode November 14, 2011

XHM XC - "404: Wrongdoer not found" (2011 November 14)

7:32am - 9:02am

After a weekend trip to Atlanta, some Georgian-inspired numbers lead us to a profile on Carter Burwell and his scores to Barton Fink, In Bruges and True Grit. Did I sound jetlagged? Usually when I'm tired, I overcompensate, hence why I can get punchy and silly inbetween songs. The oak forests east of Atlanta are mighty pretty, especially in the autumn.

These are the leaves that fell this episode:

1. Doc Severinsen: Theme to Designing Women ["Georgia on My Mind"] (Television's Greatest Hits: Volume 7, 1986) TVT
2. Bruce Haack: National Anthem to the Moon (Farad: The Electronic Voice, 2010) Stones Throw
3. J Dilla: Safety Dance (Donut Shop, 2010) Serato/Stones Throw
4. Lee Fields & the Expressions: My World (My World, 2009) Truth & Soul
5. DJ Shadow: Sad and Lonely (The Less You Know, The Better, 2011) Verve/Island/A&M
6. Brook Benton: Rainy Night in Georgia (Brook Benton Today, 1970) Cotillion/Atlantic
7. JJ Grey & Mofro: Georgia Warhorse (Georgia Warhorse, 2010) Alligator
8. Yuck: Georgia (Yuck, 2011) Fat Possum
9. Big Troubles: Georgia (Worry, 2010) Olde English Spelling Bee
10. Lumerians: Atlanta Brook (Transmalinnia, 2011) Knitting Factory
11. John Maus: Keep Pushing On (We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves, 2011) Ribbon Music/Upset the Rhythm
12. Grimes: Oblivion (Visions, 2012) Arbutus
13. Johanna Juhola: Ontuvan Jalan Tango ["Jumping Foot"] (Arctic Paradise 2012, 2011) Fimic
14. Siskiyou: Not the Kind (Keep Away the Dead, 2011) Constellation
15. Carter Burwell: Love Theme from Barton Fink (Fargo & Barton Fink OST, 1996) TVT Soundtrax
16. Carter Burwell: The Box (Fargo & Barton Fink OST, 1996) TVT Soundtrax
17. Carter Burwell: Medieval Waters (In Bruges OST, 2008) Lakeshore
18. Carter Burwell: The Kiss Walk Past (In Bruges OST, 2008) Lakeshore
19. Carter Burwell: Thugs Passing in the Night (In Bruges OST, 2008) Lakeshore
20. Carter Burwell: Shootout, Pt II (In Bruges OST, 2008) Lakeshore
21. Carter Burwell: The Wicked Flee (True Grit OST, 2010) Nonesuch
22. Carter Burwell: Your Headstrong Ways (True Grit OST, 2010) Nonesuch
23. Carter Burwell: A Great Adventure (True Grit OST, 2010) Nonesuch
24. Carter Burwell: A Turkey Shoot (True Grit OST, 2010) Nonesuch
25. Carter Burwell: I Will Carry You (True Grit OST, 2010) Nonesuch
26. Billie Holiday, Eddie Haywood & His Orchestra: Georgia on My Mind (Complete on Columbia: Volume 6, 1941) Columbia

Numbers! You will have an apple! And some justice served, cold style.