Radio Free GAK Episode October 24, 2011

XHM #87 - "A thousand flowers could bloom" (2011 October 24)

7:32am - 9:02am

With Portishead in town, this episode looks at their music, from and for film, plus some production library music. Prerecorded and somehow sounding far better than during the recording phase.

The procession follows:

1. Lalo Schifrin: Danube Incident (More Mission: Impossible OST, 1968) Paramount
2. Portishead: Hunter (Third, 2008) Island
3. Jimmy McGriff: Tight Times (Electric Funk, 1969) Blue Note
4. Mondkopf: The Song of Shadows (Rising Doom, 2011) Fool House/In Paradisum
5. The Juan Maclean: Everybody Get Close (Everybody Get Close, 2011) DFA
6. Mirror to Mirror: Moment of Clarity (Here You Leave Today, 2011) Cylindrical Habitat Modules/Jugular Forest
7. The Field: Then It's White (Looping State of Mind, 2011) Kompakt
8. Burial: Shell of Light [Shlohmo remix] (Soundcloud, 2011) self-released
9. Robert Drasnin: Desiree (Voodoo, 1960) Tops/Dionsys
10. Alan Hawkshaw: Strangelands (The Road Forward, 1977) KPM
11. The Chaquito Big Band: Theme from "They Call Me Mr Tibbs" (Inflight Entertainment, 1996) Deram
12. Beak>: Welcome to the Machine (Wish You Were Here Again, 2011) Mojo
13. Portishead: Deep Water (Third, 2008) Island
14. Portishead: Theme from "To Kill a Dead Man" (Sour Times single, 1994) Go!/London
15. Portishead: Toy Box (Glory Box single, 1995) Go!/London
16. Portishead: Strangers (Roseland NYC [Live], 1998) Go!/London
17. Portishead: Half Day Closing (Portishead, 1997) Go!/London
18. Portishead: Un Jour Comme un Autre [Requiem for Anna] (Mnsr Gainsbourg Revisited, 2006) Virgin/Verve
19. Portishead: Silence (Third, 2008) Island
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