Radio Free GAK Episode September 26, 2011

XHM #83 - "Three point turn in a five way intersection" (2011 September 26)

7:30am - 9:03am

After a mix of French and Swedish electro, Cliff Martinez and his score to Drive are profiled. Let the rain fall where it may and the wind blow overhead. I don't care; I wasn't that attached to that unreasonably short summer... I have to plan some quality tropical time soon.

Listeners, take your positions: on your mark, get set:

1. Kavinsky: Nightcall [w.Lovefoxxx] (Drive OST, 2011) Lakeshore
2. The Desert Rats: Sohonie (Sohonie 7", 1963?) Mink
3. Jonathan Richman: I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar (I, Jonathan, 1992) Rounder
4. Korallreven: Honey Mine [w.Victoria Bergsman] (Honey Mine 7", 2010) Ac?phale
5. Tybalt: Dado Federal 1233 (Ahead of Ourselves, 2008) Backyard?
6. Richie Hawtin: Manga [Steve Lawler remix] (white label, 2009) ?
7. Heartsrevolution: Ultraviolence (Ultraviolence EP, 2008) Kitsun?
8. Amon Tobin: Lost & Found (ISAM, 2011) Ninja Tune
9. No UFO's: Less or Maybe Even... (Minds Controls the Flood, 2011) Public Information
10. DJ Mehdi: Pocket Piano (Pocket Piano 12", 2008) Ed Banger/Because
11. DJ Mehdi: Signature [Thomas Bangalter edit] (Lucky Girl EP, 2007) Ed Banger/Because
12. Depressed Buttons: Ow! (Qwerty EP, 2010) Mad Decent
13. Air France: It Feels Good to Be Around You (2011) Sincerely Yours
14. M83: Midnight City [Big Black Delta remix] (Midnight City Remixes EP, 2011) Mute
15. Cliff Martinez: Wear Your Seat Belt (Solaris OST, 2002) Superb/Trauma
16. Cliff Martinez: He Had a Good Time (Drive OST, 2011) Lakeshore
17. Cliff Martinez: Where's the Deluxe Version? (Drive OST, 2011) Lakeshore
18. Cliff Martinez: After the Chase (Drive OST, 2011) Lakeshore
19. Cliff Martinez: Bride of Deluxe (Drive OST, 2011) Lakeshore
20. Cliff Martinez: I'm a Missionary Man (The Lincoln Lawyer OST, 2011) Lakeshore
21. College: A Real Hero [w.Electric Youth] (Drive OST, 2011) Lakeshore is your friend will follow you
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