Radio Free GAK Episode September 5, 2011

XHM LXXX - "We were promised smooth sailing" (2011 September 05)

7:33am - 9:03am

Guest Lucie Krajcova helps with this mostly soothing episode, with Air's score to The Virgin Suicides and selections from Javier Navarrete's music for Pan's Labyrinth. Originally this show was going to be purely yacht rock and other smooth sounds, but things tilted to a sinister direction before long. Not sure if Krajčov? will appear properly in iTunes, but that's the full diacritical spelling. Wasn't she charming?

What I think we played:

1. Roxy Music: Avalon (Avalon, 1982) Warner Bros
2. David Gold: Forbidden Fruit (Time To Fly: KPM 1000 Series Compilation 1970-76 [Remastered], 2010) KPM
3. Holy Ghost!: Some Children [w.Michael McDonald] (Holy Ghost!, 2011) DFA
4. Cass McCombs: County Line (Wit's End, 2011) Domino
5. Alan Hawkshaw: Cruising (The Road Forward, 1977) KPM
6. Destroyer: Savage Night at the Opera (Kaputt, 2011) Merge
7. Bon Iver: Beth/Rest (Bon Iver, 2011) Jagjaguwar
8. Alberto Baldan Bembo: Trops (Easy Tempo, 1999) ESL
9. Air: Alone in Kyoto (Lost in Translation OST, 2003) Emperor Norton
10. Air: J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau (Premiers Sympt?mes, 1999) Astralwerks
11. Air: Talisman (Moon Safari, 1998) Astralwerks
12. Air: Playground Love (The Virgin Suicides [Score], 2000) Astralwerks
13. Air: Cemetary Party (The Virgin Suicides [Score], 2000) Astralwerks
14. Air: Dark Messages (The Virgin Suicides [Score], 2000) Astralwerks
15. Air: Empty House (The Virgin Suicides [Score], 2000) Astralwerks
16. Air: Dead Bodies (The Virgin Suicides [Score], 2000) Astralwerks
17. Air: Playground Love [vibraphone version] (The Virgin Suicides [Score, Japanese version], 2000) Astralwerks
18. The Tallest Man on Earth: Kids on the Run (The Wild Hunt, 2010) Dead Oceans
19. Javier Navarrete: Not Human (Pan's Labyrinth OST, 2006) Milan
20. Javier Navarrete: Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby (Pan's Labyrinth OST, 2006) Milan
21. David Darling: Darkwood IV: Dawn, In Motion, Journey (Dark Wood, 1993) ECM
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