Radio Free GAK Episode August 29, 2011

XHM #79 - "Neon mirrorworld" (2011 August 29)

7:30am - 9:03am

From the Another Earth soundtrack and deceased R&B songwriters to spiky Canadiana and ambient synths, this episode covers a lot of ground. RIP Jerry Leiber (1933-2011) and Nick Ashford (1941-2011). You partnered with other greats to make music we'll all remember.

Summer's almost over -- school will be back soon enough.

S O N G S :

1. Tom Waits: Bad as Me (Bad as Me, 2011) Anti-
2. Oliver Nelson & Steve Allen: California Soul (Soulful Brass #2, 2011) Stardust
3. Clap Rules: Buio Omega (Buio Omega 12", 2009) Dissident
4. Solar Bears: Neon Colony (She Was Coloured In, 2011) Planet Mu
5. Food Pyramid: Southside Blacktop Beat (I, 2010) Moon Glyph
6. Handsome Furs: Cheap Music (Sound Kapital, 2011) Sub Pop
7. Lunice: Guardian (One Hunned, 2011) Luckyme
8. Blam!: Olivia Neutron Bomb (2011) self-released
9. Fanshaw: Strong Hips (Dark Eyes, 2010) Mint
10. Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band: How Long (No Time for Dreaming, 2011) Daptone
11. The Menahan Street Band: The Telephone Song [instrumental] (No Time for Dreaming: The Instrumentals, 2011) Daptone/Dunham
12. The Coasters: Down Home Girl (Soul Pad 7", 1967) Date
13. The Coasters: Love Potion #9 (Love Potion #9 7", 1971) King
14. The Menahan Street Band: No Time for Dreaming [instrumental] (No Time for Dreaming: The Instrumentals, 2011) Daptone/Dunham
15. Nick & Valerie: I'll Find You (I'll Find You 7", 1964) Glover
16. Marlena Shaw: California Soul (The Spice of Life, 1969) Cadet
17. Phaedon Papadopoulos: Sonatina in D Minor (Another Earth OST, 2011) Milan
18. Fall on Your Sword: The First Time I Saw Jupiter (Another Earth OST, 2011) Milan
19. Fall on Your Sword: Rhoda's Theme (Another Earth OST, 2011) Milan
20. Fall on Your Sword: The House Theme (Another Earth OST, 2011) Milan
21. Fall on Your Sword: Forgive (Another Earth OST, 2011) Milan
22. Fall on Your Sword: Love Theme (Another Earth OST, 2011) Milan
23. Fall on Your Sword: The Other You (Another Earth OST, 2011) Milan
24. Stereolab: Neon Beanbag [Atlas Sound mix] (Not Music, 2010) Drag City/Duophonic / / Facebook: Exploding Head Movies /