Radio Free GAK Episode August 15, 2011

Sore Throats Clapping Hands [fill-in] - "Transit nap" (2011 August 15)

6:21am - 7:32am

Sorry for the general lack of breadth of enrichment, but this was a bit of a scramble. Next week's fill-in should have a bit more of me, including showing up on time.

Wilco: Radio Cure (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, 2002) Nonesuch
The Little Ones: Oh, MJ! (Sing Song EP, 2006) Astralwerks/Branches
Siskiyou: Everything I Have (Siskiyou, 2010) Constellation
Siskiyou: Twigs and Stones (Keep Away the Dead, 2011) Constellation
Red Cedar: Twice as Hard (Enter the Sun Gods, 2010) self-released
The Crackling: I am Your Rogue/Ode to the Woman (Keep Full Ambitious, 2011) File Under: Music
Kaki King: Communist Friends (Junior, 2010) Rounder
Phosphorescent: The Mermaid Parade (Here’s To Taking It Easy, 2010) Dead Oceans
Dear Reader: Dearheart (Replace Why with Funny, 2009) City Slang/Universal
Lissie: Everywhere I Go (Why You Runnin’ EP, 2009) Fat Possum
Tom Brosseau: Heart of Mine (Empty Houses are Lonely, 2006) Fatcat
Lhasa: Love Came Here (Lhasa, 2009) Nettwerk
Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues (Helplessness Blues, 2011) Sub Pop/Bella Union
Fergus & Geronimo: Girls with English Accents (Unlearn, 2011) Hardly Art
Čechomor: Šimbolice (Proměny, 2010) Universal