Radio Free GAK Episode August 1, 2011

XHM #75 - "Aeronautic parts in this synthetic heart" (2011 August 01)

7:30am - 9:01am

Russian composer Eduard Artemyev is profiled in this pre-recorded gem, featuring music from his scores to a few Andrei Tarkovsky films. I totally misidentified the Teen Daze song on-air; if there is any doubt, then go with what I wrote down here and not what I said. Assuming you know these words are here. Words! Amazing...

Happy civicness!

1. RIAA: Follow the Planet Man (Sounds for the Space-Set, 2007) self-released
2. Gorillaz: The Parish of Space Dust (The Fall, 2010) Parlophone
3. Gorillaz: Stylo [w.Bobby Womack & Mos Def] (Plastic Beach, 2010) Parlophone
4. The Moments: Sexy Mama (Those Sexy Moments, 1973) Stang
5. Le Loup: Beach Town (Family, 2009) Hardly Art
6. Teen Daze: Surface (A Silent Planet, 2011) Waaga
7. Azari & III: Into the Night [CFCF remix] (Into the Night [remix], 2010) Scion A/V
8. CFCF: It was Never Meant To Be This Way [Piano version] (The River, 2010) Rvng Intl
9. James Blake: A Case of You (BBC Radio 1: Zane Lowe, 2011) BBC
10. Kyle Bobby Dunn: Canyon Meadows (Ways of Meaning, 2011) Desire Path Recordings
11. Eduard Artemyev: Zerkalo 1 (Zerkalo/Stalker OST, 1975) Torso Kino/Electroshock
12. Eduard Artemyev: Zerkalo 6 (Zerkalo/Stalker OST, 1975) Torso Kino/Electroshock
13. Eduard Artemyev: Stalker 2 (Zerkalo/Stalker OST, 1979) Torso Kino/Electroshock
14. Eduard Artemyev: Stalker 6 (Zerkalo/Stalker OST, 1979) Torso Kino/Electroshock
15. Eduard Artemyev: Stalker 7 (Zerkalo/Stalker OST, 1979) Torso Kino/Electroshock
16. Eduard Artemyev: Solaris 1 (Solaris OST, 1972) Torso Kino/Electroshock
17. Eduard Artemyev: Solaris 5 (Solaris OST, 1972) Torso Kino/Electroshock
18. Eduard Artemyev: Solaris 6 (Solaris OST, 1972) Torso Kino/Electroshock
19. Eduard Artemyev: Solaris 9 (Solaris OST, 1972) Torso Kino/Electroshock
20. Eduard Artemyev: Solaris 11 (Solaris OST, 1972) Torso Kino/Electroshock
21. Eduard Artemyev: Solaris 16 (Solaris OST, 1972) Torso Kino/Electroshock
22. Cliff Martinez: Don't Blow It (Solaris OST, 2002) Superb/Trauma
23. Mayer Hawthorne: Mr Blue Sky (Impressions, 2011) Stones Throw

I dropped my phone in the Indian Arm after kayaking -- not smart.