Radio Free GAK Episode July 18, 2011

XHM #74 - "Bullet set my heart to shuffle" (2011 July 18)

7:30am - 9:03am

Madly off in multiple directions, primarily Neil Young's score to Dead Man, the National Parks Project and some other chirpy ambience. The iPod that I rely on for backup music is starting to skip tracks, hence the middle song confusion. What have I done!?


1. James Clarke: Blow Up A-Go-Go [Wild Elephants] (Blow Up presents Exclusive Blend: Volume 2, 1973) Blow Up
2. Klaus Wunderlich: Summertime (The Golden Sound Of Hammond, 1971) Telefunken
3. Hot Panda: Mindlessnesslessness (How Come I'm Dead?, 2010) Mint
4. Handsome Furs: Repatriated (Sound Kapital, 2011) Sub Pop
5. Hard Mix: Callers (MP3, 2011) self-released
6. Wise Blood: STRT SRNS (+, 2010) Bandcamp
7. Dirty Beaches: Sweet 17 (Badlands, 2011) Zoo
8. The Pack AD: They Know Me (We Kill Computers, 2010) Mint
9? Teen Daze: The Harvest (A Silent Planet, 2011) Waaga ** THIS ORDER GETS A BIT MIXED-UP THANKS TO TECHNOLOGY
10? Black Devil Disco Club: Stay Insane (Circus, 2011) Lo Recordings ** WHAT HAVE I DONE
11? SleepāˆžOver: Casual Diamond (Casual Diamond 7", 2011) Hippos in Tanks ** CHAOS ABATED, REGULAR ORDER RESUMES
12! Shabazz Palaces: An echo from the hosts that profess infinitum (Black Up, 2011) Sub Pop
13. Emmanuel Jal: Kuar [Olof Dreijer remix] (Kuar EP, 2010) Innerversions
14. Cut Copy: Where I'm Going (Zonoscope, 2011) Modular
15. The Presets: Girl and the Sea [Cut Copy remix] (Re-Sets, 2006) Modular
16. Mathieu Charbonneau, Andre Ethier & Rebecca Foon: Height of Land [Prince Albert, SK] (National Parks Project, 2011) Last Gang
17. Mishka Stein: Mishka Solo on Icefields [Kluane, YU] (National Parks Project, 2011) Last Gang
18. Neil Young & the International Harvesters: Amber Jean (A Treasure, 2011) Reprise
19. Neil Young: Guitar Solo, No. 1 (Dead Man OST, 1996) Vapor
20. Neil Young: Do You Know How to Use This Weapon? (Dead Man OST, 1996) Vapor
21. Great Lake Swimmers: Don't Cry No Tears (Borrowed Tunes II, 2007) Universal -- I had two requests come in whilst on air, so I'll sort those out for later. You can do the same.