Radio Free GAK Episode July 4, 2011

XHM #72 - "Prop you up on our big shoulders" (2011 July 04)

7:30am - 9:04am

Since I was in Chicago this holiday weekend, why not do a show involving the Windy City, including TV and film scores to The Untouchables. I trust you Canadians had a fine birthday party whilst I was away. It's America's turn today with the cake.

Got so sunburnt along Lake Michigan; red like a maple leaf.

1. R?sonance: OK Chicago (Stereo Ultra: Volume 1, 1973) Big Cheese
2. Chicago Gangsters: Gangster Boogie (Blind Over You, 1975) Gold Plate
3. The Budos Band: Chicago Falcon (The Budos Band II, 2007) Daptone
4. TRS-80: Don't Mess with Illinois (Shake Hands with Danger, 2003) File 13
5. ESP: It's You [Vocal] (It's You 12", 1986) Underground
6. This Ain't Chicago: Ride the Rhythm [Acid not Placid] (Ride the Rhythm 12", 1988) Club/Wonk
7. The Weeknd: The Birds [Part 1] (forthcoming Thursday, 2011) self-released
8. Junior Boys: Kick the Can (It's All True, 2011) Domino
9. MR 666: Esteban (10") self-released
10. Peaking Lights: Tiger Eyes [Laid Back] (936, 2011) Not Not Fun
11. Primary 1: The Blues [w. Nina Persson] (Other People, 2011) Grow Up/Atlantic
12. Vampire Weekend: Giving Up the Gun (Contra, 2010) XL
13. Fool's Gold: Surprise Hotel (Fool's Gold, 2009) IAMSOUND
14. Fred Steiner: Park Avenue Beat [Theme from Perry Mason] (Television's Greatest Hits: Volume 2, 1957) TVT
15. Nelson Riddle: The Untouchables (The Untouchables: Original Music from the TV Series, 1959) Capitol
16. Nelson Riddle: Tender-Ness (The Untouchables: Original Music from the TV Series, 1959) Capitol
17. Ennio Morricone: The Untouchables (The Untouchables OST, 1987) A&M
18. Ennio Morricone: Al Capone (The Untouchables OST, 1987) A&M
19. Yo-Yo Ma: Brian DePalma Suite: Death Theme from The Untouchables (Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone, 2005) Sony Classical
20. Chicago: Street Player [Paul Raymond re-edit] (Super Disco Breaks: Volume 3, 2002) Paul Raymond

Street sounds swirling through my mind.