Radio Free GAK Episode June 20, 2011

XHM LXX - "Double-crossed lovers, tender amongst the ruins" (2011 June XX)

7:31am - 9:03am

After the riots, we look at its aftermath. Sinister Scandinavia, kooky Japan and then Alexandre Desplat's drony delicate score to Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life. Well, this city certainly made a mess of itself. Kudos again to those who helped tidy this town up, yielding brooms instead of crowbars.

This is your lawful assembly.

1. [field recording] VPD & the Unlawful Assembly @ Richards/Dunsmuir (2011 June 15, 10:00pm)
2. Flying Lotus: Riot (Los Angeles, 2008) Warp
3. Eddie Beram: Riot in Thunder Alley (Death Proof OST, 1967) Warner Bros/Maverick
4. Shane Turner Overdrive: Riots of Spring (Shane Turner Overdrive, 2010) self-released
5. The Go! Team: Buy Nothing Day [w.Bethany Cosentino] (Rolling Blackouts, 2010) Memphis Industries
6. Lykke Li: Get Some (Wounded Rhymes, 2011) LL
7. Blockhead: Which One of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer? (The Music Scene, 2009) Ninja Tune
8. Cibo Matto: Know Your Chicken (Viva! La Woman, 1996) Warner Bros
9. Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx: My Cloud (We're New Here, 2011) XL
X Jamie xx: Far Nearer (Far Nearer single, 2011) Numbers
11. The Knife: The Height of Summer (Tomorrow, in a Year, 2010) Rabid
12. Kellarissa: Moon of Neptune (Moon of Neptune, 2011) Mint
13. The Krays: We're Ready When You Are [w.Ebony Bones] (We're Ready When You Are single, 2010) Abracada
14. Two Fingers: Fools (Ninja Tune XX, 2010) Ninja Tune
15. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Anger [Original movement, edit by Fernando Aponte] (Anger/Grief, 1998) Ninja Tune
16. Alexandre Desplat: River (The Tree of Life OST, 2011) Lakeshore
17. Alexandre Desplat: Emergence of Life (The Tree of Life OST, 2011) Lakeshore
18. Alexandre Desplat: City of Glass (The Tree of Life OST, 2011) Lakeshore
19. Alexandre Desplat: Good & Evil (The Tree of Life OST, 2011) Lakeshore
XX Jaga Jazzist: Toccata (One Armed Bandit, 2010) Ninja Tune

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