Radio Free GAK Episode May 2, 2011

XHM #65 - "Bayou City vespers" (2011 May 02)

7:32am - 9:03am

Bixio, Franco & Tempera's score to Sette Note in Nero alight this pretaped gem. I'm in Houston, these notes are a mess.

We'll make these tidy some later once I'm not using my iPhone to write this up.

1. Dean Martin: Houston (Houston, 1965) Reprise
2. Dick Schory: Jungle Root (Movin' On, 1971) Ovation
3. Panda Bear: Last Night at the Jetty (Tomboy, 2011) Paw Tracks
4. Bibio: Anything New (Mind Bokeh, 2011) Warp
5. The D?: Gonna Be Sick! (Both Ways Open Jaws, 2011) Get Down
6. Serena-Maneesh: D.I.W.S.W.T.T.D. (S-M 2: Abyss in B Minor, 2010) 4AD
7. Suuns: Arena (Zeroes QC, 2010) Secretly Canadian
8. Lord Boyd: Space Jordan 96 (2010) self-released
9. Tussle vs Konono No1: Soft Crush (Tradi-Mods vs Rockers: Alternative Takes On?Congotronics, 2010) Crammed Discs
10. Ted Taylor: Houston Town (Taylor Made, 1971) Ronn
11. Andrea Parisy: Laisse Tomber Les Tabous (Filles in the Garages: Volume?1, 2000) bootleg
12. Duchess Says: La Friche (Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs, 2008) Alien8
13. Sebastien Tellier: La Ritournelle (Gilles Peterson presents Worldwide, 2010) BBE
14. The Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Music for a Found Harmonium (Broadcasting from Home, 1984) EG/JEM
15. Jumpel: Venedig (Europa, 2011) Hidden Shoal
16. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera: Strane Visoni (Seven Notes in Black OST, 1977)?Digitmusic
17. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera: Sucidio [Prologo] (Seven Notes in Black OST, 1977)?Digitmusic
18. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera: 7 Note [Film version] (Seven Notes in Black OST, 1977)?Digitmusic
19. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera: Tracce Sul Muro [Film version] (Seven Notes?in Black OST, 1977)?Digitmusic
20. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera: Ritrovamento del Cadavere (Seven Notes in?Black OST, 1977)?Digitmusic
21. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera: Fuga Seconda (Seven Notes in Black OST, 1977)?Digitmusic
22. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera: Il Ritorno di Francesco (Seven Notes in Black?OST, 1977)?Digitmusic
23. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera: Sette Note in Nero [Finale](Seven Notes in?Black OST, 1977)?Digitmusic
24. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera: Aggressione (Seven Notes in Black OST, 1977) Digitmusic
25. Tapes n'Tapes: In Houston (The Loon, 2006) Ibid/XL