Radio Free GAK Episode January 31, 2011

XHM #52 - "In dreams, nobody loses, nobody leaves" (2011 January 31)

7:29am - 9:02am

Whilst Hans Zimmer's Oscar-nominated score to Inception gets profiled, we have an impromptu tribute to John Barry (1933-2011), with The Ipcress File, The Chase and Engima. This show didn't look anything like this 24 hours ago, but such as it is when someone departs unexpectedly. As mentioned during the show, expect a proper John Barry "wake" once the Oscars are done, with all the highlights you know.


1. Crystal Castles: Not in Love [w.Robert Smith] (Not in Love single, 2010) RCRD LBL
2. Discodeine: Synchronize [w.Jarvis Cocker] (Synchronize single, 2010) DFA
3. Chromeo: Hot Mess [Duck Sauce remix] (2010) self-released
4. Cosmetics: Black Leather Gloves [Premier Rang remake] (Silk Daggers, 2010) Captured Tracks
5. John Barry: Main Title (The Ipcress File OST, 1965) Decca
6. John Barry: Meeting with Grantby and Fight (The Ipcress File OST, 1965) Decca
7. John Barry: The Death of Carswell (The Ipcress File OST, 1965) Decca
8. John Barry: Goodbye Harry (The Ipcress File OST, 1965) Decca
9. John Barry: Mind Games (The Ipcress File OST, 1965) Decca
10. John Barry: Saturday Night Philosopher (The Chase OST, 1966) Columbia
11. John Barry: What Did I Do Wrong? (The Chase OST, 1966) Columbia
12. John Barry: The Chase (The Chase [remastered] OST, 2004) Columbia
13. John Barry: Play It Again [from "The Tamarind Seed" (Play It Again, 1974) Polydor
14. John Barry: Candle Light (Until September OST, 1984) Intrada
15. John Barry: Main Title (Enigma OST, 2002) Decca
16. John Barry: The Convoy (Enigma OST, 2002) Decca
17. John Barry: Tom Goes to Cottage (Enigma OST, 2002) Decca
18. John Barry: She Moved On (Enigma OST, 2002) Decca
19. ?dith Piaf: Non, je ne regrette rien (Non, je ne regrette rien, 1961) EMI Columbia
20. Hans Zimmer: Half Remembered Dream (Inception OST, 2010) Reprise/Watertower
21. Hans Zimmer: Dream is Collapsing (Inception OST, 2010) Reprise/Watertower
22. Hans Zimmer: 528491 (Inception OST, 2010) Reprise/Watertower
23. Hans Zimmer: Dream Within a Dream (Inception OST, 2010) Reprise/Watertower
24. John Barry: Blues for Bubber (The Chase OST, 1966) Columbia

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