Radio Free GAK Episode January 29, 2011

The Vampire's Ball [fill-in, pt. I] - "Static maelstrom" (2011 January 29)

12:00pm - 2:06am

This set features more vintage tunes or at least pieces by more who we would associate with these styles of music. If you're aiming for modest coherence, this is the best place to start.

1. Skinny Puppy: Cellar Heat (The Process, 1996) American/Warner Bros
2. Foetus: Cirrhosis of the Heart [Amon Tobin mix] (Blow, 2001) Thirsty Ear
3. Throbbing Gristle: Persuasion (20 Jazz Funk Greats, 1978) Industrial
4. Cabaret Voltaire: Photophobia (Mix-up, 1979) Mute
5. Einst├╝rzende Neubauten: Kalte Sterne (Strategies Against Architecture '80-'83, 1984) Mute
6. Skinny Puppy: Death (The Process, 1996) American/Warner Bros
7. Download: Shemaesin (Sidewinder EP, 1996) Nettwerk
8. Front 242: Welcome to Paradise (Welcome to Paradise 12", 1988) Wax Trax
9. KMFDM: Urban Monkey Warfare (ATTAK, 2002) Metropolis
10. Coil: The Anal Staircase [A Dionysian Remix] (The Anal Staircase EP, 1986) Some Bizarre/Relativity
11. Iannis Xenakis: Untitled [Merzbow mix] (Persepolis + Remixes: Edition 1, 2002) Asphodel
12. Nitzer Ebb: Promises (Industrial Complex, 2010) Major/Artists' Addiction
13. Killing Joke: The Great Cull (Absolute Dissent, 2010) Spinefarm/Universal
14. Bauhaus: Zikir (Go Away White, 2008) Bauhaus
15. Fortunately Everything Dies: A Night to Dismember (Horror, 2010) self-released
16. How to Destroy Angels: A Drowning (How to Destroy Angels, 2010) The Null Corporation
17. Android Lust: God in the Hole (The Human Animal, 2010) Synthellec
18. O Children: Heels [Chad Valley remix] (O Children Remixed, 2010) Deadly
19. The Soft Moon: Breathe the Fire [excerpt] (The Soft Moon, 2010) Captured Tracks
20. KMFDM: Ultra [excerpt] (Nihil, 1995) Wax Trax/Metropolis
21. Zoviet France: Caught in the Square (Just an Illusion, 1990) Staalplaat