Radio Free GAK Episode October 4, 2010

XHM #37 - "The obsidian vortex" (2010 October 04)

7:27am - 9:04am

M83 and Emmanuel d'Orlando's soundtrack to the yet-to-be-distributed film "Black Heaven" is profiled, along with the usual moody textures. Oh these are the songs.

1. Ken Nordine: Black (Colours, 1967) Philips ** Asphodel 1995
2. DJ Shadow: I've Been Trying (Def Surrounds Us 7", 2010) Island
3. The Future Sound of London: Dead Cities (Dead Cities, 1996) Astralwerks/Virgin
4. DJ Deeon: Let Me Bang [Jam City refix] (Jam City Ecstasy Refix 12", 2010) Night Slugs
5. Games: Everything is Working (That We Play, 2010) self-released
6. Teengirl Fantasy: Cheaters (7 AM, 2010) Merok / True Panther
7. Little Dragon: Blinking Pigs (Machine Dreams, 2009) Peacefrog
8. Santigold: Lights Out [Dave Rubato remix] (Lights Out EP, 2009) Lizard King
9. Amnesia: Ecstasy (Hysteria, 1988) BCM
X. Invisible Conga People: Cable Dazed (Cable Dazed 12", 2008) Italians Do It Better
11. Baths: Aminals (Cerulean, 2010) Anticon
12. Nite Jewel: Want You Back [Phaseone remix] (The Realest Shit I Ever Wrote mixtape, 2010) self-released
13. Teams: Bali (Catch Pool EP, 2010) Bandcamp/self-released
14. Jesse Ruins: End of the Solitude (MySpace, 2010) unsigned
15. The Radio Dept.: The New Improved Hypocrisy (The New Improved Hypocrisy single, 2010) Labrador
16. M83: Black Hole (Black Heaven OST, 2010) Naive
17. Emmanuel d'Orlando: The Trap (Black Heaven OST, 2010) Naive
18. Emmanuel d'Orlando: Audrey's Theme (Black Heaven OST, 2010) Naive
19. Emmanuel d'Orlando: Suicide (Black Heaven OST, 2010) Naive
XX. Emmanuel d'Orlando: Black Hole's Atmosphere (Black Heaven OST, 2010) Naive
21. M83: Farewell/Goodbye (Black Heaven OST, 2010) Naive