Radio Free GAK Episode September 27, 2010

XHM #36 - "Bemused spreadsheets, detailing the ramshackle" (2010 September 27)

7:29am - 9:03am

Italian production music composer Piero Umiliani gets profiled with his spacey, jazzy and loungey vibes. There's additional Italian music throughout, including a bit from Django that was sampled in Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy". L?titia Sadier has a little profile amongst moody vibes ranging from hypnagogic pop to Chicago juke.

If I sound a bit more alert than usual, that's because I had an unplanned cold shower before airtime. The rain felt far warmer than that pseudo-naval experience.


1. Moggi: Jingle N?1 (Tra Scienza e Fantascienza, 1976) Omicron
2. Gianfranco & Gian Piero Reverberi: Last Man Standing [or "Nel Cimitero Di Tucson"] (Django, Prepare a Coffin!/Preparati La Bara! OST, 1968) Intermezzo
3. White Hinterland: Icarus. (Kairos, 2010) Dead Oceans
4. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee: Make Me Stronger [w. Georgia Anne Muldrow, Floating Points remix] (Beauty and the Beats, 2009) Ubiquity
5. Viernes: Entire Empire (Sinister Devices, 2010) Kanine
6. Washed Out: untitled #7 (B-Sides CD-R, 2010) self-released
7. ?kapi: Love-Him (Love-Him Volume 1: ?kapi Plays The Music Of Aldo Kapi, Recent 1927-1952, 2010) Illegal Art/Belligeranza
8. Dead Man's Bones: Lose Your Soul [Turbotito remix] (2010)
9. L?titia Sadier: One Million Year Trip (The Trip, 2010) Drag City
10. Atlas Sound: Quick Canal [w.L?titia Sadier] (Logos, 2009) Kranky/4AD
11. DJ Rashad: Teknitian (Itz Not Rite EP, 2010) Planet Mu
12. Moggi: Cowboy Spaziale (Tra Scienza e Fantascienza, 1976) Omicron
13. Moggi: Bric Brac (Tra Scienza e Fantascienza, 1976) Omicron
14. Moggi: Happy Accompaniment (Tra Scienza e Fantascienza, 1976) Omicron
15. Piero Umiliani: Lady Magnolia (Easy Tempo, 1999) Eighteenth Street Lounge
16. Piero Umiliani: Quando La Coppia Scoppia (Easy Tempo Volume 6: A Cinematic Jazz Experience, 1999) Eighteenth Street Lounge
17. Piero Umiliani: Crepuscolo Sul Mare (Ocean's Twelve OST, 2004) Warner Bros/Sunset
18. Piero Umiliani: Ultimo Stregone (Continente Nero, 1975) Omicron
19. Piero Umiliani: Rivoluzionari (Continente Nero, 1975) Omicron
20. Piero Umiliani: Nuove Realt? (Continente Nero, 1975) Omicron
21. Piero Umiliani: Preparativi (Continente Nero, 1975) Omicron
22. Piero Umiliani: Riscossa (Continente Nero, 1975) Omicron