Radio Free GAK Episode June 28, 2010

XHM #24 - "Arson and old maple" (2010 June 28)

7:35am - 9:02am

With Canada Day fast approaching, it's all northern songs this week. Mychael Danna's scores to Chloe and Vanity Fair are profiled, then there's a lot of riffing about a little visit from the fire marshall. Fire alarm be damned, this show will be broadcast from even smouldering embers!

But yeah, we're all safe. Here's some music.

1. The Arcade Fire: The Suburbs (The Suburbs, 2010) Sonovolt/Merge
2. Japandroids: Younger Us (Younger Us 7", 2010) Polyvinyl
3. Tokyo Police Club: Wait Up [Boots of Danger] (Champ, 2010) Mom & Pop Music Co.
4. Broken Social Scene: All to All (Forgiveness Rock Record, 2010) Arts & Crafts
5. Black Wizard: Waves (Black Wizard, 2010) Evergreen
6. The Pack AD: BC is on Fire (We Kill Computers, 2010) Mint
7. The Crackling: Reticence (Keep Full Ambitious, 2010) Plunge
8. Foxes in Fiction: Flashing Lights Have Ended Now (Swung from the Branches, 2010) Orchid Tapes/Moodgadget
9. Crystal Castles: Intimate (ii, 2010) Fiction
10. Thunderheist: Drive-In (Bacardi B-Live, 2010) Bacardi
11. Caribou: Sun (Swim, 2010) Domino
12. Mychael Danna: In My Line of Business (Chloe OST, 2010) Silva Screen
13. Mychael Danna: Shower (Chloe OST, 2010) Silva Screen
14. Mychael Danna: The First Time (Chloe OST, 2010) Silva Screen
15. Mychael Danna: Waiting Room (Chloe OST, 2010) Silva Screen
16. Mychael Danna: Told You Not to Call (Chloe OST, 2010) Silva Screen
17. Mychael Danna & the London Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Dodd: Exchange (Vanity Fair OST, 2004) Decca
18. Mychael Danna: No Lights after Eleven (Vanity Fair OST, 2004) Decca
19. Mychael Danna: Adagio (Vanity Fair OST, 2004) Decca
20. Mychael Danna: I Owe You Nothing (Vanity Fair OST, 2004) Decca
21. The Souljazz Orchestra: Agbara (Rising Sun, 2010) Strut

No alarms were recorded during the production of this show.
Happy Canada Day!