Radio Free GAK Episode May 24, 2010

XHM #19 - "Divine signatures" [MONO] (2010 May 24)

7:29am - 9:04am

With LCD Soundsystem and Massive Attack in town this week, soundtrack work by both bands profile: Greenberg, Ordinary Decent Criminal and ...Batman Forever?! Happy Victoria Day! The first few minutes of the show features a live performance by The Friendship and the Fawn for Bex's signoff show.

Audio problems: not sure what's happening with the right channel. Could've been part of the salvaged attempt for the in-studio F&F appearance, but if things sound awry, treat this podcast as an AM broadcast with the tuning dial slightly off.

1. Fanshaw: Rebecca (Dark Eyes, 2010) Mint
2. Hot Chip: Thieves in the Night (One Life Stand, 2010) Domino
3, Bocce: Confident Confidant (Disambiguation, 2010) Dadmobile
4. Holy Fuck: SHT MTN (Latin, 2010) Young Turks/XL
5. Caribou: Labelia (Swim, 2010) Domino
6. The Samps: F.X.N.C. (Samps EP, 2010) Mexican Summer
7. Scuba: You Got Me (Triangulation, 2010) Hotflush
8. Balam Acab: See Birds (Balam Acab EP, 2010) Tri Angle
9. Deadmau5: Bored of Canada (Get Scraped, 2006) Zoolook
10. Massive Attack: Babel [w.Martina Topley-Bird] (Heligoland, 2010) Virgin
11. Massive Attack: One Day at a Time [w.Damon Albarn] (Ordinary Decent Criminal OST, 2000) Warner Bros
12. Massive Attack: The Hunter Gets Captures By the Game [w.Tracey Thorn] (Batman Forever OST, 1995) Atlantic
13. Holy Ghost!: Say My Name (Static on the Wire EP, 2010) DFA
14. LCD Soundsystem: I Can Change (This is Happening, 2010) DFA
15. James Murphy: People (Greenberg OST, 2010) DFA/Parlaphone
16. James Murphy: Thumbs (Greenberg OST, 2010) DFA/Parlaphone
17. James Murphy: Birthday Song (Greenberg OST, 2010) DFA/Parlaphone
18. James Murphy: Please Don't Follow Me (Greenberg OST, 2010) DFA/Parlaphone
19. Deathly Fighter: Depth Charge (Completely Dusted, 2010) Columbus Discount