Radio Free GAK Episode March 8, 2010

XHM #8 - "Queen of the world" (2010 March 08)

7:32am - 9:05am

Along with a quick Oscar recap, in honour of International Women's Day, a profile on one of the soundtracks by the first woman ever to win an Oscar for Best Score: Rachel Portman. Congratulations to all the Oscar winners and nominees. Hard to believe that Kathryn Bigelow is the first female to ever win the Best Director award, but her work in The Hurt Locker was phenomenal.

Of course, it'd be more appropriate to have Rachel Portman's Oscar winning score to Emma, but I couldn't find it, so I opted for her Oscar-nominated work for Chocolat instead.

The winners are:

1. Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders: The Hurt Locker (The Hurt Locker OST, 2010) Lakeshore
2. Michael Giacchino: Escape from Muntz Mountain (Up OST, 2009) Disney
3. Ryan Bingham: The Weary Kind [theme] (Crazy Heart OST, 2010) New West
4. R?yksopp: The Girl and the Robot (Junior, 2009) Astralwerks
5. New Young Pony Club: Lost a Girl (The Optimist, 2010) Modular
6. The Knife: The Height of Summer (Tomorrow, in a Year, 2010) Rabid
7. Janelle Mon?e: Tightrope [w/Big Boi] (The Arch Android, 2010) Wondaland Arts Society
8. Thecocknbullkid: Clean Apart (Querelle EP, 2009) IAMSOUND
9. Serena-Maneesh: I Just Want to See Your Face (Abyss in B Minor, 2010) 4AD
10. tUne-YarDs: Hatari (Bird-Brains, 2009) 4AD
11. Dum Dum Girls: Jail La La (Jail La La, 2010) Sub Pop
12. Topaz Rags: Sightings (Capricorn Born Again, 2009) Not Not Fun
13. Yellow Fever: Hellfire (Cats and Rats, 2009) Wild World
14. Quadron: Buster Keaton (Quadron, 2010) A:larm/Attack
15. Fan Death: Soon (A Coin for the Well EP, 2010) Last Gang/Pharmacy Recording
16. Rachel Portman: Minor Swing (Chocolat OST, 2001) Sony
17. Rachel Portman: Main Titles (Chocolat OST, 2001) Sony
18. Rachel Portman: Vianne Sets Up Shop (Chocolat OST, 2001) Sony
19. Rachel Portman: Passage of Time (Chocolat OST, 2001) Sony
20. Rachel Portman: Party Preparations (Chocolat OST, 2001) Sony
21. Rachel Portman: Fire (Chocolat OST, 2001) Sony
22. Language-Arts: Cavity (Where Were You in the Wild?, 2009) Sonic Unyon (I want to get to this updated soon) (I need to get this updated like yesterday)