Radio Free GAK Episode February 15, 2010

Exploding Head Movies V - "Today, we escape" (2010 February 15)

7:30am - 9:02am

Part three of a profile on Oscar-nominated Best Original Scores: Hans Zimmer's soundtrack to Sherlock Holmes. Mid-Olympic madness abounds. It's Day 4 of the Something or Other Sports Festival in town, as Vancouver becomes alive like I've never seen before here. It's like New York or Tokyo; which is always reassuring to me.

Here is what I know.

1. Siriusmo: Nights Off (The Uninvited Guest, 2009) Monkeytown
2. First Rate People: Girls' Night (It's Never Not Happening, 2010) self-released
3. Malachai: Fading World. (Ugly Side of Love, 2009) Domino/Invada
4. Spoon: Got Nuffin (Transference, 2010) Merge
5. The Besnard Lakes: Albatross (Are the Roaring Night, 2010) Jagjaguwar
6. Pit Er Pat: Water (The Flexible Entertainer, 2010) Thrill Jockey
7. Nice Nice: See Waves (Extra Wow, 2010) Warp
8. Nacho Lovers: Acid Life [Surkin remix] (Scion CD Sampler Vol. 22: Fool's Gold Remixed, 2008) Fool's Gold
9. Jokers of the Scene: Juggle It [William Russell remix] (Y'all Know the Name, 2008) Fool's Gold
10. Martyn: Vancouver (Natural Selection 12", 2008) 3024
11. 2562: Dinosaur (Unbalance, 2009) Tectonic
12. Heiki: Sauna Dub (Paper+Sound, 2009) Paper+Sound
13. Marion Cotillard: Take It All (Nine OST, 2009) Geffen
14. Hans Zimmer: Discombobulate (Sherlock Holmes OST, 2009) 101 Distribution
15. Hans Zimmer: I Never Woke Up in Handcuffs Before (Sherlock Holmes OST, 2009) 101 Distribution
16. Hans Zimmer: Not in Blood, But in Bond (Sherlock Holmes OST, 2009) 101 Distribution
17. Hans Zimmer: Marital Sabotage (Sherlock Holmes OST, 2009) 101 Distribution
18. Hans Zimmer: Ah, Putrefaction (Sherlock Holmes OST, 2009) 101 Distribution
19. Fuck Buttons: Olympians (Tarot Sport, 2009) ATP