Radio Free GAK Episode January 25, 2010

Exploding Head Movies #2: "Birling through dark tunnels" (2010 January 25)

7:33am - 9:03am

Black Dynamite! DJ Shadow! RJD2! The McGarrigles! and distractions galore! This would have been episode 100 of Radio Free GAK. Not that such an event would indicate any celebrations were had this week, but this is a gloriously rough little broadcast.

Dem songs.

1. Richard C Sanders: Afrocat (Cinemaphonic: Electro Soul, 2000) Emperor Norton
2. The Slew: It's All Over (100%, 2009) Ninja Tune
3. Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Complainte pour Ste Catherine (Kate & Anna McGarrigle, 1976) Hannibal
4. Mountain City Four: The Log Driver's Waltz (Canadian Vignettes, 1979) NFB
5. RJD2: True Confessions (Urban Renewal Program, 2002) Chocolate Industries
6. RJD2: The Girls from Art School (Tin Foil Hat EP, 2009) RJ's Electrical Connections
7. David McCallum: The Edge [2005 Digital Remaster] (The Edge: David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966-1970, 1966) EMI
8. DJ Shadow: Dark Days - Main Theme (Dark Days 7", 2000) MCA
9. DJ Shadow: Untitled Heavy Beat, Parts 1 & 2 (The End of Violence OST, 1997) Outpost
10. DJ Shadow: Best of the KMEL Mixes, Part 1 (The 4-Track Era Volume 1, 1991) Reconstruction Productions
11. Zimbabwe Legit: Doin' Damage In My Native Language [Shadow's Legitimate Mix] (Zimbabwe Legit, 1992) Hollywood BASIC
12. DJ Shadow: Lost and Found [S.F.L.] (Lost & Found / Kemuri, 1994) Mo'Wax
13. David Axelrod: Holy Thursday (Blue Breakbeats Volume 4, 1999) Blue Note
14. Adrian Younge: Black Dynamite Theme (Black Dynamite: Original Score, 2009) Wax Poetics
15. Adrian Younge: Gloria [Zodiac Lovers] (Black Dynamite: Original Score, 2009) Wax Poetics
16. Adrian Younge: Anaconda Malt Liquor (Black Dynamite: Original Score, 2009) Wax Poetics
17. Adrian Younge: Chicago Wind (Black Dynamite: Original Score, 2009) Wax Poetics
18. Adrian Younge: Jimmy's Dead [Instrumental] (Black Dynamite: Original Score, 2009) Wax Poetics
19. Kool & the Gang: Jungle Jazz (Spirit of the Boogie, 1975) De-Lite