Radio Free GAK Episode January 18, 2010

Exploding Head Movies: the Premiere - "RIP RFG" (2010 January 18)

7:30am - 9:02am

After two years, Radio Free GAK is no more. But its spirit arises like a phoenix with a new show name. Soundtrack profile: Howard Shore's score to Cronenberg's Videodrome. I've been overdue for a new show name for a while, due to a combination of weaker choices, having to explain what a "gak" was (I remain exhibits A-Z) and then dealing with other "Radio Free" shows on the air. Exploding Head Movies has been kicking around in my mixed tape land for aeons, so reclaiming that name felt natural. Otherwise, this would be episode #99.

Maybe the podcast link will remain the same, but I'll advise accordingly via my website if not. Or swing by your computers again.

1. Stereolab: Exploding Head Movie (Refried Ectoplasm: Switched On Volume 2, 1995) Elektra/Duophonic
2. Jay Reatard: Always Wanting More (Always Wanting More 7", 2008) Matador
3. Sunset Rubdown: Idiot Heart (Dragonslayer, 2009) Jagjaguwar
4. Piano Magic: You Never Loved This City (Ovations, 2009) Darla/Make Mine Music
5. Bat for Lashes: Moon and Moon (Two Suns, 2009) Parlophone
6. Black Box Recorder: The English Motorway System (The Facts of Life, 2001) Nude
7. Elliott Smith: Cecilia Amanda (unreleased, 2009) Kill Rock Stars
8. Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes: Don't Leave Me This Way (Wake Up Everybody, 1975) CBS/Philadelphia International Records
9. Teddy Pendergrass: Love T.K.O. (TP, 1980) CBS/Philadelphia International Records
10. Dub Version: Boogieasy [Re-edit] (Special Kind of Dub, 2010) SDV
11. Grouper: Vessel (Roy Montgomery split 7", 2010) Root Strata/self-released
12. Max Weinberg 7: Theme from Late Night with Conan O'Brien (1993)
13. Howard Shore and the London Philharmonic Orchestra: The Fly (The Fly OST, 1986) Var?se Sarabande
14. Howard Shore: Welcome to Videodrome (Videodrome OST, 1982) Var?se Sarabande
15. Howard Shore: A Slow Burn (Videodrome OST, 1982) Var?se Sarabande
16. Howard Shore: TV Passions (Videodrome OST, 1982) Var?se Sarabande
17. Howard Shore: Long Live the New Flesh (Videodrome OST, 1982) Var?se Sarabande
18. Neu!: Hallogallo (Neu!, 1972) Brain (won't change, but will forward to a new address soon) (won't change, but man, a desperate overhaul has been required for ages)