Radio Free GAK Episode November 30, 2009

rfg #92 - "Legendary dapper moustache" (2009 November 30)

7:31am - 9:02am

We raised over $25 000 from the station's fund drive, so thank you to all who pledged. And my moustache for Movember raised $144 -- it looked smashing but I won't miss it severely once it's gone.

Des chansons.

1. Hot Chip: Take It In (One Life Stand, 2010) Astralwerks
2. Azari & III: Hungry for the Power (Hungry for the Power EP, 2009) I'm a Cliche
3. Venetian Snares: Öngyilkos vasárnap (Rossz Csillag Alatt Született, 2005) Planet Mu
4. Role Mach: Orffesque Three (Orffesques and Fugues, 2009) self-released
5. The Telepathic Butterflies: Bonhomie (Songs from a Second Wave, 2004) Rainbow Quartz
6. The Liptonians: Twenty Dollars (The Liptionians, 2008) Head in the Sand
7. Duotang: Thomas Green (The Cons & The Pros, 1998) Mint
8. Young & Sexy: The City You Live In is Ugly (Stand Up for Your Mother, 2002) Mint
9. Turing Machine: Synchronicity III (Zwei, 2003) French Kiss
10. The Juan Maclean: Tito's Way (The Juan Maclean, 2005) Astralwerks/DFA
11. Maserati: Monoliths (Passages, 2009) Temporary Residence
12. !!!: Must Be the Moon (Myth Takes, 2007) Warp
13. Bibio: Kaini Industries (Warp20 Recreated, 2009) Warp
14. Bell Orchestre: Dark Lights (As Seen Through Windows, 2009) Arts & Crafts
15. Laurie Johnson Orchestra: Main Theme from The Avengers (This is Cult Fiction, 1995) Circa
16. Laurie Johnson: Chase that Car! (Girl in a Suitcase Upgraded, 2009) Winchester Hospital Radio
17. Laurie Johnson and the London Studio Symphony Orchestra: First Men on the Moon (Brain in the Box, 1964) Rhino
18. Out Hud: It's For You (Let Us Never Speak of It Again, 2005) Kranky
19. Six Finger Satellite: Lonely Grave (Law of Ruins, 1998) Sub Pop