Radio Free GAK Episode August 17, 2009

rfg #77 - "Beethoven's Sixth? O sweet blasphemy" (2009 August 17)

7:31am - 9:03am

For no additional charge, we have bits from a 1976 Pakistani film called Warrant and the forthcoming Tron Legacy.

Consult your physician before consuming the following songs.

1. Kamal Ahmed & Noor Jehan: I Am Very Sorry (The Sound of Wonder!, 2009) B Music
2. Daft Punk: Theme from Tron Legacy (2009) Disney
3. The Emperor Machine: Dave Gent (Space Beyond the Egg, 2009) DC Recordings
4. Madrid: Reply [To Everyone] (Original Message, 2009) YYZ
5. Bogdan Raczynski: Are Igai Imi Ga Nai (Samurai Math Beats, 1999) Rephlex
6. Crossover: Apples on a Stick (Cryptic and Dire Sallow Faced Hoods Blast Off into Oblivion, 2005) International Deejay Gigolo
7. Radiohead: These Are My Twisted Words (online, 2009) self-released
8. Peter Bjorn and John: Amsterdam (Writer's Block, 2006) Wichita
9. Tortoise: The Fall of Seven Diamonds plus One (Beacons of
Ancestorship, 2009) Thrill Jockey
10. Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions: Blanchard (Blanchard single, 2009) Nettwerk
11. Lindsey Buckingham: Holiday Road (National Lampoon's Vacation OST, 1983) Warner Brothers
12. The Psychedelic Furs: Pretty in Pink (Talk Talk Talk, 1981) CBS
13. Kate Bush: This Woman's Work (The Sensual World, 1989) Columbia
14. Thompson Twins: If You Were Here (Sidekicks, 1983) Arista
15. Yello: Oh Yeah (Oh Yeah 12", 1985) Mercury
16. Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Love Missile F1-11 (Flaunt It, 1986) EMI
17. The Flowerpot Men: Beat City (The Janice Long Session, 1987) Strange Fruit
18. The Dream Academy: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want [instrumental] (Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want single, 1986) Blanco y Negro
19. English Beat: Rotating Head (Special Beat Service, 1982) Go Feet/IRS
20. Quincy Jones: The Dude (The Dude, 1981) A&M