Radio Free GAK Episode July 30, 2009

Stereoscopic Redoubt [fill-in] - "Blazing beaded curtains" (2009 July 30)

6:02am - 7:32am

As mentioned during the show, Radio Free GAK fumbled its swap duties this year. Oddly enough, Stereoscopic host Darren filled in for RFG last year, doing an admirably astonishing job.

The prescription for your substitute freakout.

1. The Free Association: This Could Be Your Sister (Come Get It I Got It, 2002) 13 Amp
2. Teeth Mountain: Keinsein (Teeth Mountain, 2008) SHDWPLY
3. Chico Magnetic Band: Explosion (Chico Magnetic Band, 2009) Disques Vogue (1971)
4. Shadow Mann: Shadow Mann (Cherrystones Hidden Charms, 2004) Family Recordings
5. Los Llamarada: The Future Scream (Take the Sky, 2009) S-S
6. The Smiles and Frowns: When the Time Should Come (The Smiles and Frowns, 2009) The Peppermint Hill
7. Super Wild Horses: What Started the Noise (Super Wild Horses EP, 2009) AARGHT!/Almost Ready
8. Love: 7 and 7 is (Da Capo, 1967) Elektra
9. King Khan & the Shrines: I Wanna be a Girl (The Supreme Genius of..., 2008) Vice
10. The Chocolate Watchband: Let's Talk About Girls (The Best of The Chocolate Watchband, 1983) Rhino
11. Fatal Microbes: Violence Grows (Violence Grows EP, 1979) Small Wonder
12. Terry Reid: Superlungs My Supergirl (The Most Of Terry Reid, 1969) Music for Pleasure
13. Bibio: Haikuesque - When She Laughs (Ambivalence Avenue, 2009) Warp
14. MV & EE with the Golden Road: Anyway (Drone Trailer, 2009) DiCristina
15. unknown: Track 3 (Trap Door: An International Psychedelic Mystery Mix, 2007) Dis-Joint
16. Ancient Crux: In Teen Dreams (Interracial Coupling, 2008) Family Time
17. Mirror Mirror: The Inward Way Out [Retrotrip] (The Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness, 2008) Cochon
18. Peddlers: Delicious Lady (The Fantastic Peddlers, 1967) Philips/Fontana
19. Oscar and the Majestics: House of the Rising Sun (A Deadly Dose of Wylde Psych, 2003) Arf Arf
20. Springfield Rifle: The Bears (The Bears, 1967) ABC
21. 101 Strings Orchestra: Trippin' on Lunar 07 (Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 2000, 1969) Scamp
22. Dynastie Crisis: Faust 72 (Oceans Twelve OST, 2004) Warner Bros
23. The Monkees: Porpoise Song [Single Version] (Head, 1968) Colgems
24. The Black Angels: The First Vietnamese War (Passover, 2006) Light in the Attic