Radio Free GAK Episode July 20, 2009

rfg #75 - "Lunar rhapsodies" (2009 July 20)

7:29am - 9:01am

My favourite ever fortune from a cookie reads "maybe you can live on the moon in (the) next century." Without a doubt, the only way I'd wind up there is likely by exile. Hopefully one of you can make it based on merit, though.

This is your countdown.

1. Apollo 11 Countdown/Launch
2. Feist: My Moon My Man [Boys Noize Remix] (My Moon My Man, 2007) Arts & Crafts
3. The Blow: The Moon Is There, I Am Here (Bonus Album, 2002) K Records
4. Sloan: The Marquee and the Moon (Between the Bridges, 1999) murderecords
5. Tom Waits: I'll Shoot the Moon (The Black Rider, 1993) Island
6. Silent Talk: Ghostmoon (Ghostmoon, 2008) unsigned
7. Darwin: Moon Bass [Wood Remix] (2002) ?
8. Loreena McKennitt: Moon Cradle (Parallel Dreams, 1989) Quinlan Road
9. Apollo 11 Moon Landing
10. Gil Scott-Heron: Whitey on the Moon (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, 1970) RCA
11. Mellow: Love on the Moon (CQ OST, 2002) Emperor Norton
12. Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra: Landing on the Moon (Raumpatrouille - Space Patrol, 1966) Bungalow
13. Jonny Greenwood: Moon Mall (Bodysong OST, 2003) Parlophone
14. Morton Subotnick: Silver Apples of the Moon (America-Electronics: Early Modulations - Vintage Volts, 1967) Caipirinha
15. Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong Steps out of the LEM
16. Brian Eno: Deep Blue Day (Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks, 1983) EG
17. Brian Eno: Understars (Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks, 1983) EG
18. Brian Eno: Drift (Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks, 1983) EG
19. Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno: An Ending [Ascent] (Apollo Atmospheres & Soundtracks, 1983) EG
20. Clint Mansell: Are You Receiving (Moon OST, 2009) Black Records
21. Clint Mansell: Welcome to Lunar Industries [Three Year Stretch...] (Moon OST, 2009) Black Records
22. Oscar Peterson: Blue Moon (This is Oscar Peterson, 1946) RCA