Radio Free GAK Episode June 8, 2009

rfg #69 - "I go far in my Figaro" (2009 June 08)

7:02am - 9:02am

Also on display are some Blue Note gems, Canadian weirdness and acts coming into town shortly.

And I totally forgot to hype Basketball on air! Sorry guys! Visit to listen to those Vancouverites now in Croatia.

Here are the songs.

1. Willie Hutch: Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
2. Black Moth Super Rainbow: Born on a Day the Sun Didn't Rise (Eating Us, 2009) Graveface
3. The Juan Maclean: The Simple Life (The Future Will Come, 2009) DFA
4. The Field: The More That I Do (Yesterday & Today, 2009) Kompakt/Anti-
5. Tiga: Beep Beep Beep (Ciao!, 2009) Last Gang
6. Plastikman: I Don't Know (Closer, 2003) M_nus
7. Hidrogenesse: Fuig Llop Fuig (Bestiola, 2008) Austrohungaro
8. Basketball: Journey to the End of the Night [February 13] (MySpace, 2009) Ache
9. Band of Skulls: I Know What I Am (I Know What I Am promo, 2009) Shangri-La
10. Banbara: Shack Up (Blue Break Beats: Volumes One - Four, 1999) Blue Note
11. Grant Green: Down Here on the Ground (Droppin' Science, 2007) Blue Note
12. Richard "Groove" Holmes: Grooving for Mr. G (Comin' On Home, 1971) Blue Note
13. Willie Hutch: Do What You Wanna Do (Soul Portrait, 1969) RCA
14. Willie Hutch: Chase (Foxy Brown OST, 1974) Motown
15. Willie Hutch: Out There (Foxy Brown OST, 1974) Motown
16. Willie Hutch: Have You Ever Asked Yourself Why (Foxy Brown OST, 1974) Motown
17. Willie Hutch: Whatever You Do (Foxy Brown OST, 1974) Motown
18. Willie Hutch: Vampin' (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
19. Willie Hutch: Theme of The Mack (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
20. Willie Hutch: Mack's Stroll / The Getaway (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
21. Willie Hutch: Now That It's All Over (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
22. Willie Hutch: I Like Everything About You (Colour Her Sunshine, 1976) Motown