Radio Free GAK Episode May 4, 2009

rfg #64 - "There's an astronaut in my solarium; help" (2009 May 04)

7:30am - 9:01am

Vaguely spacey, though not overtly so.

(Honestly, puns are the lowest form of humour there is. Avoid them at all costs.)

Turn your hymnal to the following pages.

1. Supergenius: Trials of a Jedi (Star Wars Breakbeats, 1997) Suckadelic
2. Karminsky Experience: Exploration (Den of Thieves, 2003) Eighteenth Street Lounge
3. Ïony: Logic of Space (Jazzflora, 2001) Dealers Of Nordic Music
4. Rubber Room: Take Me (Hippie Dance, 2008) Disco Devil
5. Black Dice: Idiots Pasture (Repo, 2009) Paws Tracks
6. Bell Orchestre: Stripes (As Seen Through Windows, 2009) Arts & Crafts
7. Neon Indian: 6669 [I don't know if you know] (MySpace, 2009) unsigned
8. Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene Pt. IV (Oxygene, 1976) Polygram
9. The Orb: Toxygene (Orblivion, 1998) Island
10. Streetlab: NY Sound (Streetlab, 2008) Del Ctrl / Media Music
11. Soulwax: NY Excuse (Part of the Weekend Never Dies, 2008) PIAS
12. Lost Valentinos: Serio [Weird Tapes Version] (Serio, 2009) etcetc/Universal Australia
13. MSTRKRFT: Vuvuvu (Fist of God, 2009) Universal
14. Aceyalone & RJD2: A Beautiful Mine (Mad Men: Music from the Series Volume 1, 2008) Lions Gate
15. Solidaze: Panorama Dub (Northern Faction 4, 2008) Balanced
16. Jerry Goldsmith: The Force Field [Alternate] (Star Trek: The Motion Picture OST, 1999) Sony
17. John Carpenter: The End [Fromage edit] (online, 2008) unsigned
18. John Barry: Capsule in Space (You Only Live Twice OST, 1967) United Artists
19. Nick Cave: There is a Light (Batman Forver OST, 1995) Warner Brothers
20. Patrick Watson: Fireweed (Wooden Arms, 2009) Secret City