Radio Free GAK Episode April 20, 2009

rfg #62 - "Three microphones, two turntables and one quiet computer" (2009 April 20)

7:28am - 9:01am

Honestly, the booth computer was muted until I realized what was going on. The three microphone business... yeah, I'm not sure either. Blame the weather and the day itself.

The revolutions are chronicled thusly:

1. Zounds: War [JD Twitch Extended Edit] (10 Inches of Fear, 2008) RVNG
2. X-Wife: Nothing Else to Prove (Are You Ready for the Blackout?, 2008) Valentim De Carvalho
3. Fight Bite: Swissex Lover (Emerald Eyes, 2008) self-released
4. The Budos Band: Mas O Menos (III, 2009) Daptone
5. Charles Bradley: Heartaches and Pain (The World (is Going Up in Flames), 2008) Dunham
6. Menahan Street Band: Bushwick Lullaby (The Wolf, 2009) Dunham
7. The Steve Karmen Big Band: Breakaway [featuring Jimmy Radcliffe] (Breakaway 7", 1975) United Artists
8. Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band: Express Yourself [alternate version] (Puckey Puckey: Jams and Outtakes 1970-1971, 1970) Rhino Handmade
9. Aterciopelados: Rio (Rio, 2008) Nacional
10. Ramsey Lewis: Afro Boogaloo Twist (Maiden Voyage, 1968) Chess
11. Tommy Strange: Purple Desert (Purple Desert 7", 1964) Shamarie
12. French Revolution: Americas (Americas 7", 1969) Tower
13. The Walker Brothers: Hurting Each Other (Portrait, 1966) Philips
14. Scott Walker: Jackie (Scott 2, 1968) Philips
15. The Who: The Seeker (The Limey OST, 1999) Warner Bros
16. Danny Saber: Limey Shuffle (The Limey OST, 1999) Warner Bros
17. Danny Saber: Sitar Bathroom (The Limey OST, 1999) Warner Bros
18. Danny Saber: Limey Vibes (The Limey OST, 1999) Warner Bros
19. Cliff Martinez: What He Gonna Say? (The Limey OST, 1999) Warner Bros
20. Cliff Martinez: Ambush / Come with Us (The Limey OST, 1999) Warner Bros
21. Cliff Martinez: After the Hammock (The Limey OST, 1999) Warner Bros
22. Terence Stamp: Colours (The Limey OST, 1999) Warner Bros
23. Cliff Martinez: Tell Me about Jenny (The Limey OST, 1999) Warner Bros
24. Red Cedar: Keep Holding On (MySpace, 2009) self-released

Catch me Wednesday night at 8pm PDT as I fill in for Val at the Folk Oasis!