Radio Free GAK Episode March 23, 2009

rfg #58 - "Here's a podcast about being free" (2009 March 23)

7:30am - 9:01am

And this is the party part of the podcast: the write-up of all the songs so you can figure out what's going on.

Begin party now.

1. Kutiman: The mother of all funk chords (Thru You, 2009)
2. Los Incas: El Cóndor Pasa (El Cóndor Pasa, 1970) Philips
3. DJ Shadow: You Can't Go Home Again (The Private Press, 2002) Universal
4. The Lonely Island: Incredibad (Incredibad, 2009) Universal Republic
5. Toolshed: Wookiee Boots (Relapse, 2006) Backburner
6. Moka Only & MF Doom: More Soup (The Desired Effect, 2005) Battleaxe
7. Madlib: The String / Heavy Jones (Beat Konducta Vol. 5: Dil Cosby Suite, 2009) Stones Throw
8. Height: The Woods [with friends] (Baltimore Highlands, 2008) Wham City
9. 3rd Bass: No Static at All (Derelicts of Dialect, 1991) Def Jam
10. A-Trak: Enter Ralph Wiggum (Peanut Butter Wolf's Jukebox 45's, 2002) Stones Throw
11. Kid Koala: Drunk Trumpet (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 2000) Ninja Tune
12. De la Soul: Me, Myself & I [Oblapos Mode] (3 Feet High and Rising - Bonus Disc, 2001) Tommy Boy
13. A Tribe Called Quest: Award Tour (Midnight Marauders, 1993) Jive
14. Greyboy, Sharon Jones & Quantic: Got to Be a Love [Paul Nice Remix] (Soul Mosaic, 2004) Ubiquity
15. The Avalanches: Little Journey (Since I Left You, 2000) Modular
16. People Under the Stairs: Anotha' BBQ (Fun DMC, 2008) Gold Dust Media
17. Brassmunk: Devil's Playground (Fewturistic, 2007) EMI
18. The Whooliganz: Put Your Handz Up (Put Your Handz Up, 1993) Tommy Boy
19. Def Jef: Black to the Future [Extended Remix] (Black to the Future, 1989) Delicious Vinyl
20. Rose Royce: 6 o'Clock DJ [Let's Rock] (Car Wash OST, 1976) MCA
21. Rose Royce: Car Wash (Car Wash OST, 1976) MCA
22. Rose Royce: Born to Love You (Car Wash OST, 1976) MCA
23. Rose Royce: Righteous Rhythm (Car Wash OST, 1976) MCA
24. DJ Shadow: Letter from Home (You Can't Go Home Again, 2002) Universal
25. Dr Who Dat?: Braziliant Thought (Beat Journey, 2006) Lex

Until next week...