Radio Free GAK Episode February 2, 2009

rfg #52 - "Who's got you babe?" (2009 February 02)

7:30am - 9:02am

Val Cormier of the Folk Oasis dropped by with gallons of BBQ sauce. Ain't she a gem? Listen to Val Wednesday evenings 8-10 PM Pacific on shuffles along whilst wants to hear your words.

Happy Candlemas! and Happy Groundhog's Day to everyone else!


1. Glide: Ipcress (unreleased MP3, 2004ish)
2. John Oswald: Power (Plunderphonics 69/96, 1975) Fony/Seeland
3. Shitdisco: Reactor Party (Reactor Party, 2006) Fierce Panda
4. Twin Lion: Safest in Bearhugs (Awesome Power, 2009) Family Time Music
5. Little Girls: Youth Tunes (Youth Tunes, 2009) Captured Tracks
6. Barzin: When It Falls Apart (Notes to an Absent Lover, 2009) Monotreme
7. Soft Rocks: Slowdown (umut 2000, 2008) Soft Rock Disco Power Play
8. Hot Chip: One Pure Thought [remixed by Geese] (...with Robert Wyatt and Geese, 2008) Parlophone
9. Monade: Regarde (Monstre Cosmic, 2008) Too Pure / Beggars
10. Jacqueline Taïeb: Le coeur au bout des doigts (Lolita Chick 68, 2000) Mad French [Japan]
11. Jacques Dutronc: On nous cache tout, on nous dit rien (Les Play Boys, 1966) Disques Vogue
12. Danny Elfman: Prelude No. 7 in E Flat - The Well Tempered Clavier (Milk OST, 2008) Decca
13. Oingo Boingo: Weird Science (Weird Single, 1985) MCA
14. Danny Elfman: Travel Music (Beetlejuice OST, 1990) Geffen
15. Catherine O'Hara: Sally's Song (The Nightmare before Christmas OST, 1993) Walt Disney
16. Danny Elfman: Remains of the Day (The Corpse Bride OST, 2006) Warner Brothers
17. Danny Elfman: The Castro (Milk OST, 2008) Decca
18. Danny Elfman: Proposition 6 (Milk OST, 2008) Decca
19. Danny Elfman: Repealed Rights (Milk OST, 2008) Decca
20. Danny Elfman: Vote Passes (Milk OST, 2008) Decca
21. Danny Elfman: Brigg Pushing (Milk OST, 2008) Decca
22. Danny Elfman: Give Em' Hope (Milk OST, 2008) Decca
23. Danny Elfman: Harvey's Theme (Milk OST, 2008) Decca
24. Bruce Springsteen: The Wrestler (Working on a Dream, 2009) Columbia
25. Gordon Downie: Insomniacs of the World, Good Night (Coke Machine Glow, 2001) Zoe