Radio Free GAK Episode December 29, 2008

rfg #47 - "Final shots from a twenty aught eight"

7:32am - 9:04am

To auld lang syne. And sayonara 2008!

Selections from the year:

1. Ella Fitzgerald: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? [Mangini vs. Pallin Mix] (Verve Remixed: Christmas, 2008) Verve
2. The Very Best: Dinosaur on the Ark (Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit are the Very Best, 2008) Ghettopop/Green Owl
3. Sylvie: Please Make It Home (Trees and Shade are our Only Fences, 2008) Smallman
4. The Constantines: Transcanada (Kensington Heights, 2008) Arts & Crafts
5. School of Seven Bells: Wired for Light (Alpinisms, 2008) Ghostly International
6. Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes, 2008) Sub Pop/Bella Union
7. Jóhann Jóhannsson: Fordlândia - Aerial View (Fordlândia, 2008) 4AD
8. Morgan Geist & Jeremy Greenspan: Ruthless City (Double Night Time, 2008) Environ
9. Hot Chip: Ready for the Floor (Made in the Dark, 2008) Astralwerks
10. Friendly Fires: Paris [Aeroplane Remix featuring Au Revoir Simone] (Paris, 2008) XL
11. Hercules & Love Affair: Blind [featuring Antony Johnson] (Hercules & Love Affair, 2008) DFA
12. Hatchback: The Lotus and the Robot (Colours of the Sun, 2008) Lo Recordings
13. Michael Crawford: Put On Your Sunday Clothes (WALL·E OST, 2008) Disney
14. Thomas Newman: 2815 A.D. (WALL·E OST, 2008) Disney
15. Thomas Newman: WALL·E (WALL·E OST, 2008) Disney
16. Thomas Newman: Bubble Wrap (WALL·E OST, 2008) Disney
17. Thomas Newman: Foreign Contaminant (WALL·E OST, 2008) Disney
18. Thomas Newman: Repair Ward (WALL·E OST, 2008) Disney
19. Thomas Newman: 72 Degrees and Sunny (WALL·E OST, 2008) Disney
20. Thomas Newman: Define Dancing (WALL·E OST, 2008) Disney
21. Thomas Newman: Mutiny! (WALL·E OST, 2008) Disney
22. Myke Weiskopf: WWV - Leap Second Notice 1985 (At the Tone: A Little History of NIST Radio Stations WWV & WWVH, 2008) Obscure-Disk
23. Bill Thompson: Hogmanay on the North Sea (Field Recording from Aberdeen, 2005) self-released