Radio Free GAK Episode September 22, 2008

rfg #35 - "This machine only swallows quarters" (2008 September 22)

7:30am - 9:00am

In this hemisphere, the nights are longer than the days once more. Leaves dry out and crumble onto the ground. So listen to some music and play it loud.


1. South Central: Aeon (The Owl of Minerva, 2008) Klee
2. Justice: Planisphère Part I (Planisphère, 2008) MySpace
3. Sisters of Transistors: The Don [Acid Girls Grey Disco Remix] (The Don/Pendulum, 2008) This Is Music
4. In Flagranti: Business Acumen [Holy Ghost! Cover version] (Business Acumen, 2008) Kitsune
5. The Glimmers: Esta Si, Esta No [Asi Me Gusta A Mi] (The Glimmers Are Gee Gee Fazzi, 2008) Glimmer Twins
6. Dragonette: I Get Around [Midnight Juggernauts Remix] (I Get Around - Remixes, 2006) Mercury
7. Marco DeMark featuring Casey Barnes: Tiny Dancer [Deadmau5 Dub Mix] (Tiny Dancer mixes promo, 2008) Time
8. Jackson Jones: I Feel Good, Put Your Pants On [Pilooski Edit] (Various - Volume 5, 2007) Dark & Lovely
9. White Lies: Death [Crystal Castles Remix] (Death single, 2008) Fiction
10. TTC featuring Modeselektor: Une bande de mec sympa (Boogybytes Volume 3, 2007) BPitch Control
11. Roy Budd: Zeppelin [Main Theme] (Budd: Rebirth of the Budd, 1971) Sequel/Pye
12. Roy Budd: Opening Titles to The Sandbaggers (unreleased, 1978) ITV
13. Roy Budd: Fear is the Key [Main Theme] (Budd: Rebirth of the Budd, 1976) Sequel/Pye
14. Roy Budd: So Nice (Budd: Rebirth of the Budd, 1970) Sequel/Pye
15. Roy Budd: Main Theme - Carter Takes a Train (Get Carter OST, 1971/2000) Castle
16. Roy Budd: Plaything (Get Carter OST, 1971/2000) Castle
17. Roy Budd: The Girl in the Car (Get Carter OST, 1971/2000) Castle
18. Roy Budd: Getting Nowhere in a Hurry [Instrumental] (Get Carter OST, 1971/2000) Castle
19. Roy Budd: Fields of Green, Skies of Blue (Budd: Rebirth of the Budd, 1970) Sequel/Pye