Radio Free GAK Episode September 8, 2008

rfg #33 - "Cinema esoterica" (2008 September 08)

7:31am - 9:00am

Welcome back to school! Now prepare to get educated again.

A playlist? That's never happened before...

1. Peter Bjorn and John: Inland Empire (Seaside Rock, 2008) Almost Gold/Star Time
2. Bruce Haack: School for Robots (Hush Little Robot, 1998) QDK Media/Forced Exposure
3. Fantastic Plastic Machine: I'm Bruce [Dimension 5 Mega Mix] (Dimension Mix, 2005) Eenie Meenie
4. Harry Betts: Theme from the Fantastic Plastic Machine (The Fantastic Plastic Machine OST, 1969) Epic
5. Die Töedliche Doris: Tanz im Quadrat (Berlin Super 80, 1981) Monitorpop
6. Twin Crystals: Two Girls (Two Girls 7", 2008) summerloversunlimited / exo records
7. Abe Vigoda: Hyacinth Grrls (Skeleton, 2008) Bella Union
8. Primal Scream: Necro Hex Blues (Beautiful Future, 2008) B-Unique
9. Eye Was An Ion: I Will Hunt You (MySpace, 2008) Ha Ha
10. Für Amel: Pink Eyes (unreleased, 2008) Hees&Schultz
11. The Walkmen: Four Provinces (You & Me, 2008) Gigantic
12. Beck: Chemtrails (Modern Guilt, 2008) Interscope
13. Thomas Newman: Theme from Six Feet Under (Six Feet Under OST, 2002) Universal
14. RuDJak Manigz: SingKingHeart (Extracted Celluloid, 1999) Illegal Art
15. Natasha Spencer: The House She Flew In On [Excerpt] (Extracted Celluloid, 1999) Illegal Art
16. Ted Atking and his Orchestra: The Man from Nowhere (Pop Music for Dancing, 1970) Concert Hall
17. Tom Waits: Los Angeles Theme [Another Private Dick] (Night on Earth OST, 1992) Island
18. Elliot Goldenthal & Kronos Quartet: Predator Diorama (Heat OST, 1995) Warner Bros.
19. Trevor Jones: Walking the Circle (In the Name of the Father OST, 1994) Island
20. John Barry: Play It Again (The Tamarind Seed OST, 1974) Polydor
21. Kool & the Gang: Summer Madness (Light of Worlds, 1974) De-Lite