Radio Free GAK Episode June 23, 2008

rfg #24 - "Dulce de leche" (2008 June 23)

7:31am - 9:09am

I'm off next week and ran overtime this week. Balance is a vicious sense. Happy Canada Day in advance!

Playlist? Yessir!

1. Quiet Village: Circus of Horror (Silent Movie, 2008) Studio !K7
2. George Carlin: Stuff (Comic Relief, 1986)
3. The Cool Kids: What It Is (The Bake Sale, 2008) Chocolate Industries
4. Marco Polo and Large Professor: The Radar [Clean Remix] (The Radar, 2007) Soulspazm
5. Kris Menace / Felix da Housecat / Fred Falke: Artificial (Artificial, 2008) Compuphonic
6. Chromatics: In the City (After Dark, 2007) Italians Do It Better
7. MGMT: Electric Feel [Justice remix] (Electric Feel single, 2008) Columbia
8. Marlena Shaw: California Soul [Diplo remix] (Verve Remixed 4, 2008) Verve
9. Adam & the Amethysts: Bumblebee (Amethyst Amulet, 2008) Pome
10. Paavoharju: Kevätrumpu (Laulu Laakson Kukista, 2008) Fonal
11. Souley Kanté: Bi Magni (Bi Magni, 2008) ML
12. Group Doueh: Wazan Samat (Guitar Music From the Western Sahara, 2007) Sublime Frequencies
13. Bobbie Gentry: Fancy (Fancy, 1969) Capitol
14. The Free Association: Salut La Dolce Vita, Pt. I (Come Get It I Got It, 2002) 13 Amp
15. Nino Rota: La Dolce Vita (La Dolce Vita OST, 1959) CAM
16. Riz Ortolani: So Soft (Cosi Dolce... Cosi Perversa OST, 2001) Hexacords
17. Ennio Morricone: Ancora Pi (Dolcemente) (Il Grande Silenzio OST, 1968) Beat
18. Budos Band: Chicago Falcon (II, 2007) Daptone
19. Elizabeth Shepherd: Shining Tear of the Sun (Parkdale, 2008) Do Right Music
20. George Carlin: A Modern Man (Life is Worth Losing, 2006) Atlantic