Radio Free GAK Episode May 19, 2008

radio free gak #19 - "Distance will be our prism" (2008 May 19)

7:30am - 9:02am

Happy Victoria Day!

1. Ramasutra: Marder (The East Infection, 1999) Semprini
2. Ensemble Georgika: Orira (Vol. III - Traditional Songs of Georgian Man, 1996) Face Music
3. Radio Thailand: Lam Barometer (Transmissions from the Tropical Kingdom, 2006) Sublime Frequencies
4. Radio Sumatra: The Most Radio (The Indonesian FM Experience, 2005) Sublime Frequencies
5. Usman Achmad: Stambul Naturil (Music of Indonesia, Vol. 20: Indonesian Guitars, 1999) Smithsonian Folkways
6. unknown: Gamelan Gabor #2 (Night Recordings From Bali, 2003) Sublime Frequencies
7. Khac Chi: Forest Love (Moon Light in Vietnam, 1997) Rounder
8. DJ Onra: The Anthem (Chinoiseries, 2007) CD Baby
9. This Dance Dance Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Bounce (This Dance Dance Revolution Will Not Be Televised, 2008) Killing Time
10. Shonen Knife: I Wanna Eat Chocobars (Pretty Little Baka Guy, 1986) Rockville
11. Illreme: Kuru Kuru Rock (We ♥ Katamari OST, 2005) Columbia Japan
12. Hideki Tobeta & Yui Asaka: Katamaritaino (Katamari Damacy OST, 2004) Columbia Japan
13. Pizzicato 5: Twiggy Twiggy/Twiggy vs. James Bond (Made in USA, 1994) Matador
14. Escalator Team: Theme From Lupin III '78 [Club Escape Mix] (Punch the Monkey! Lupin the 3rd; The 30th Anniversary Remixes, 1998) Readymade
15. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra: Lupin the 3rd '78 (Punch the Monkey! 2 Lupin the 3rd: The 30th Anniversary Remixes, 1999) Columbia Japan
16. The Dead Kennedys: Holiday in Cambodia (Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 1980) Möbius Music
17. Ros Sereysothea: I'm 16 (Chnam Oun Dop Pram Muy) (Cambodian Rocks, 1996) Parallel World
18. Sinn Sisamouth & Pan Ron: Pas Dai Ban Heiy
19. Dengue Fever: Lost in Laos (Dengue Fever, 2003) Web of Mimicry
20. Dengue Fever: Mr. Orange (Venus on Earth, 2008) M80
21. unknown: Track 11 (Cambodian Swing Machine, ?)