Radio Free GAK Episode May 12, 2008

radio free gak #18 - "Dinner on a sparkling planet" (2008 May 12)

7:28am - 9:01am

If I had a radio show back in 1998, half of these bands would have been played constantly. Yet here they are, and still mostly current. And I don't feel old.

Here is this week's starting lineup:

1. Broadcast: Pendulum (Haha Sound, 2003) Warp
2. Stereolab: Three Women (Chemical Chords, 2008) 4AD
3. Lali Puna: Past Machine (I Thought I Was Over That (Rare Remixed and B-Sides, 2005) Morr
4. Imitation Electric Piano: I Mean Wow (Blow It Up Burn It Down Kick It 'til It Bleeds, 2006) Drag City/Duophonic
5. Mary Cobham: Jay Ferguson (Sings "Songs in the Key of Jay", 2005) independent
6. Sloan: Witch's Wand (Parallel Play, 2008) Maple Music
7. Parliament: Flashlight (Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome, 1978) Island/Mercury
8. Cheech & Chong: Basketball Jones (Los Cochinos, 1973) Warner
9. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Albert Goes West (Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, 2008) Mute
10. Grinderman: Depth Charge Ethel (Grinderman, 2006) Mute
11. DJ Shadow: San Francisco (MySpace, 2008) self-released
12. The Presets: Are You the One [Lifelike Remix] (Are You the One Mixes, 2008) Modular
13. Boards of Canada: Orange Hexagon Sun (Old Tunes Volume Two Side B, 1996?) unreleased
14. Tokyo Police Club: Sixties Remake (Elephant Shell, 2008) Saddle Creek
15. The Ramblin' Ambassadors: Cupcakes di Milo (Vista Cruiser Country Squire, 2008) Mint
16. Lykke Li: Breaking It Up (Youth Novels, 2008) LL
17. Louis & Bebe Barron: Main Titles (Forbidden Planet OST, 1956) Gnp Crescendo
18. Louis & Bebe Barron: Robby Make Me a Gown (Forbidden Planet OST, 1956) Gnp Crescendo
19. Louis & Bebe Barron: Love in a Swimming Hole (Forbidden Planet OST, 1956) Gnp Crescendo
20. Louis & Bebe Barron: Battle with the Invisible Monster (Forbidden Planet OST, 1956) Gnp Crescendo
21. Luke Vibert: Swet (Chicago, Detroit, Redruth, 2007) Planet Mu