Radio Free GAK Episode April 14, 2008

radio free gak #14 - "Patent psychogeography" (2008 April 14)

7:31am - 9:03am

Also: The Venture Brothers, recent seven inch singles, ethereal country, some remix work by Cornelius and songs inspired by Poland.

We got everything, but seriously, if the sun's out, go outside and listen to this.

1. J.G. Thirwell: The Venture Brothers Open
2. The Constantines: Hard Feelings (Hard Feelings/Easy Money single, 2008) Arts & Crafts
3. The Zoobombs: Highway a Go-go (Live 7", 2007) We Are Busy Bodies/ZBON-sya
4. Shocking Pinks: SmokeScreen (Shocking Pinks, 2007) DFA/Flying Nun
5. Department of Eagles: The Horse You Ride (The Cold Nose, 2005) Melodic
6. The Ramblin' Ambassadors: Lungbucket (Avanti, 2003) Mint
7. Hawaiian Bibles: Movie Roll (There's Good People in the City, 2008) unsigned
8. All My Friends: Theme from 'All My Friends' (All My Friends Get Hung Up, 2007) Slender Means/TuneCore
9. Waglewski Fisz Emade: Badminton (Męska Muzyka, 2008) Kiton Art
10. I Love Poland: The Glamour of the Dark (ILP, 2006) Denial
11. Dr. Dog: Oh No (Easy Beat, 2005) Park the Van
12. West Indian Girl: To Die in LA (4th and Wall, 2008) Milan
13. Kitty Craft: Half Court Press (Beats and Breaks from the Flower Patch, 2000) Kindercore
14. Radiohead: Nude [Holy Fuck Remix 2] (online, 2008) unreleased
15. Low: Monkey (The Great Destroyer, 2005) Sub Pop
16. Jerry Goldsmith: Main Title (Planet of the Apes OST, 1997) Varese Sarabande
17. Jerry Goldsmith: The Searchers (Planet of the Apes, 1997) Varese Sarabande
18. Jerry Goldsmith: A New Mate (Planet of the Apes, 1997) Varese Sarabande
19. Jerry Goldsmith: New Identity (Planet of the Apes, 1997) Varese Sarabande
20. Jerry Goldsmith: A Bid for Freedom (Planet of the Apes, 1997) Varese Sarabande
21. UNKLE: Ape Shall Never Kill Ape [Keigo Oyamada Mix] (Ape Shall Never Kill Ape Super Remixes, 1998) Mo'Wax
22. The Avalanches: Since I left you [Cornelius Remix] (At Last Alone EP, 2001) Toy's Factory
23. J.G. Thirwell: Venture Brothers Close
24. The White Birch: Your Spain (Come Up for Air, 2006) Rune Grammofon