Radio Free GAK Episode April 7, 2008

radio free gak #13 - "California cheeseburgers" (2008 Apr 07)

7:25am - 9:03am

Here's the sunny playlist from a cloudy Vancouver.

1. The Chuck Hestons: Charlton Heston Has Lost His Mind
2. Soulsavers: Revival (It's not how far you fall, it's the way you land, 2007) Red Ink
3. Spektrum: The Mirror Man [Mock & Toof Remix] (Sugar Bowl/The Mirror Man, 2008) Stopstart
4. Feist: I Feel It All [Britt from Spoon Remix] (I Feel It All single, 2008) Arts & Crafts
5. Pas Chic Chic: Sur les Ecrans Statiques (Au contraire, 2008) Semprini
6. Do Make Say Think: A Tender History in Rust (You, You're a History in Rust, 2007) Constellation
7. Deerhunter: Heatherwood (Cryptograms, 2007) Kranky
8. Atlas Sound: Recent Bedroom (Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel, 2008) Kranky
9. The Good, The Bad & The Queen: Herculean (The Good, The Bad & The Queen, 2007) Parlophone
10. Damon Albarn, Afel Bocoum, Toumani Diabate & Friends: Sunset Coming On (Mali Music, 2002) Astralwerks
11. Michael Nyman & Damon Albarn: Manifest Destiny (Ravenous OST, 1999) Virgin
12. Michael Nyman & Damon Albarn: Colqhuon's Story (Ravenous OST, 1999) Virgin
13. Michael Nyman & Damon Albarn: Trek to the Cave (Ravenous OST, 1999) Virgin
14. Michael Nyman & Damon Albarn: Checkmate (Ravenous OST, 1999) Virgin
15. Michael Nyman: The Hearts Asks Pleasure First (The Piano OST, 1993) Virgin
16. Michael Nyman: The One Moment (Gattaca OST, 1997) Virgin
17. Michael Nyman: Prospero's Curse (Prospero's Books OST, 1991) Polygram
18. Michael Nyman: Wheelbarrow Walk (Drowning by Numbers OST, 1992) Venture/Caroline
19. Balanescu Quartet: String Quartet No.1 - beginning (Michael Nyman: String Quartets 1-3, 1991) Polygram
20. Kronos Quartet & Foday Musa Suso: Tilliboyo (Pieces of Africa, 1992) Elektra/Nonesuch