Radio Free GAK Episode January 28, 2008

radio free gak #3 - Slippery floors, professionally managed (2008 Jan 28)

7:31am - 9:03am

Playlist follows (spoilers if you haven't listened to the podcast yet):

1. Midnight Juggernauts: Into the Galaxy (Dystopia, 2007) Siberia/Inertia
2. The Long Blondes: Giddy Stratospheres (Someone to Drive You Home, 2007) Rough Trade
3. Sons & Daughters: Gilt Complex (The Gift, 2008) Domino
4. Let's Go to War: Push Up Ya Lighter, (Push Up Ya Lighter digisingle, 2008) Last Gang
5. Crystal Castles: Air War (Air War 7", 2007) Last Gang
6. The Guest Bedroom: No Thief (We Like Accidents EP, 2005) Zunior
7. Tree Wave: May Banners (Cabana EP+, 2005) Observatory
8. Tobiah: I exist therefore I sing (Glitter and Bleep: Joystick Pop, 2006) Cyclo Music
9. The "A" Ukuleles of Halifax: Country Roads (Ukulele Yes!, 1973) World
10. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova: Falling Slowly (Once OST, 2007) Columbia
11. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova: You Ain't Going Nowhere (I'm Not There OST, 2007) Sony
12. Dario Marianelli & Jean-Yves Thibedaut: Briony (Atonement OST, 2007) Decca
13. Dario Marianelli: The Dominoes Fall (V for Vendetta OST, 2006) Astralwerks
14. Ennio Morricone: Man with a Harmonica (Once Upon a Time in the West OST, 1968) GDM
15. Guido & Mario De Angelis: New Special Squad (Beretta 70, 1998) Crippled Dick Hot Wax
16. I Corvi: Bang Bang [My Baby Shot Me Down] (Ricetta Antirughe, 2005) Azzurra
17. Alain Goraguer: Ten et Modor (La Planete Sauvage OST, 1973) DC
18. Amon Tobin: The Lighthouse (Chaos Theory OST, 2005) Ninja Tune
19. The Magnetic Fields: Three Way (Distortion, 2008) Nonesuch
20. Teenagersintokyo: Very Vampyr (Very Vampyr single, 2008) unsigned
21. Michael Kamen: Bachianos Brazil Samba (Brazil OST, 1992) Milan

Last song was lopped off due to a mismatch between the time on the studio clock and podcast server, or at least from a historical retrieval perspective. More information on this specific show through