R.I.P. Radio Episode January 19, 2017

The 7 Day Theory

8:01pm - 8:57pm

American rapper, poet, and actor, Tupac Shakur lead a short, but influential life. Some say that he's still alive. You decide. For the second half, we talk to Toronto-based artist Keynes Woods to learn how 2Pac has influenced him, both personally and musically.

Content note: police brutality and mention of sexual assault without detail

Track Listing:

The Humpty Dance
Digital Underground · Sex Packets
Same Song (ft. 2Pac)
Digital Underground · This Is an EP Release
2Pac · 2Pacalypse Now
Life Goes On
2Pac · All Eyez on Me
Kirikou (ft. Home-D-Vo)
Keynes Woods · Single
Do For Love (ft. Eric Williams)
2Pac · R U Still Down?
Swing (Freeverse)
Keynes Woods · Single
Sleepers (ft. Lindsay White)
Keynes Woods · Single