Queer FM Episode November 7, 2023

QueerFM Featured Guests: LYDIA CECILIA is a self-taught Spanish visual artist & LAURIE M. LANDRY is a Canadian artist both artists are contributing at the 27th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl

8:00am - 10:00am

With the upcoming 27th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl taking place November 16th – 19th at various East side locations, we are shining light on a few of the queer artists taking part.

LYDIA CECILIA is a self-taught Spanish visual artist focused on collage and based in Vancouver. Her body of work explores the infinite possibilities of creating unique and relatable identities. Working with vintage magazines as the source of inspiration and material, Lydia utilizes the realistic and romantic perspectives of the human figure as captured in older media to recontextualize and recreate images of contemporary identities.

Exploring perspectives and materiality, Lydia has recently begun to incorporate real dried flowers and fragments of natural materials into her work, as further reflections of the inevitable changes and transformations of people through time. Lydia continues to grow her practice with a genuine commitment to what’s most valuable and beautiful for her, accessibility, and community.

LAURIE M. LANDRY is a Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC, who brings a unique perspective as a Deaf and queer woman. Landry’s art not only showcases contemporary figurative realism but also serves as a powerful platform for expressing personal experiences and identity.

Through her art, Landry beautifully intertwines her Deaf and queer perspectives, inviting viewers to explore and celebrate diversity while appreciating the rich tapestry of human expression. With her unique blend of artistic talent and lived experience, Landry continues to make an impact in both the art world and the broader conversation about identity and inclusivity. Both artists' work will be on display during the Crawl at Pendulum Gallery and at their respective studios, visit www.culturecrawl.ca for details and for the artists check out their websites at www.laurielandry.com and www.lydiacecilia.art

Track Listing:

Sail Cassady · Sail Cassady
Happiest I've Ever Been
Zora, Myia Thornton · Zora, Myia Thornton
Pillow Fite · Pillow Fite