Queer FM Episode May 16, 2023

QueerFM Featured Guests: Witch Profit a queer, East African, singer-songwriter,/Sail Cassady aka singer/songwriter Colin Craveiro

8:00am - 10:00am

Ayo Leilani (she/her) aka WITCH PROPHET is a queer, East African, singer-songwriter, and the Co-CEO of Heart Lake Records. She provides her fans with a soundscape of vocal layers, loops, raps, and harmonies on a bed of hip-hop, jazz, and soul-inspired beats. Think Erykah Badu meets Lauryn Hill meets Portishead.

She finds depth and connection in creating music as a portal for self-growth and discovery, as she navigates and better understands her cultural and queer identity.

On May 1st 2023, Witch Prophet released her deeply personal and intimate 3rd studio album ‘Gateway Experience’ produced by her wife and business partner SUN SUN via Heart Lake Records. An 11 track, neo-soul/alternative r&b/ trip hop vibe with songs focusing on the connection between the human brain, dreams, seizures, god, and other worldly abilities.

“As a neurodivergent artist who struggles with focal seizures (Déjà vu, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, memory loss etc) I feel like sharing my experiences through my music is one of my paths to healing.” - Witch Prophet
visit the webpage at https://www.witchprophet.com or @witchprophet on Insta!

Sexuality. Mental Health. Consciousness. These are some of the meta themes that run through the music of flamboyant Americana-indie-rocker 'Sail Cassady' (aka singer/songwriter COLIN CRAVEIRO he/him) who hails from Victoria, BC.
Like a queer-friendly U2 with a dash of the Pogues, their songs document the torture and delights of the artists own grueling process of self-discovery, and gives you a glimpse into the subterranean realms of the Sail Cassady consciousness.
The new single LEFTY just dropped May 12th on Surkeus Records and is available on all the streaming services and the self produced new album JUNIPER will be out mid-July of 2023. For more info on the band and summer tour dates, visit the webpage at www.sailcassady.com or @sailcassaday on Insta!

Track Listing:

Good Vibes
Ana Pac · Ana Pac
Witch Profit · Witch Profit
Drag Isn't Dangerous
Jayelle · Ocean Kelly · Jayelle · Ocean Kelly
Sail Cassady · Sail Cassady