Queer FM Episode March 7, 2023

QueerFM Featured Guests: Glow Motive is a queer pop duo/Agata Gogh (she/he/they) is an artist and producer/songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta

8:00am - 10:00am

Glow Motive is so-called Vancouver's favourite new brown queer pop duo, born via email collaboration during the early pandemic. Having now played many of the city's best-loved queer events, they are ready to give their audience some tunes to play on repeat!

Glow Motive is a collaboration between prolific poet/songwriter/musician/loop pedalist Anjalica Solomon (she/her/they) and seasoned musician/producer Oceaan Pendharkar (they/them). Creating together has made them grow not only as artists but has also deepened the relationships they have with their brown, queer, gender non-conforming communities. They want other people like them to have the opportunity to see themselves and their experiences in art.

Glow Motive's heart-warming pop sound is characterized by their luscious vocal layers and emotive lyrics. In their live show, their infectious melodies are known to bring together a diverse crowd and make everyone truly experience their feelings. They recently released their debut single and music video “Show Me You're Here” in February of 2023. Watch their instagram for updates on where they're playing and what they're up to by following @glow.motive


Agata Gogh (she/he/they) is a multi-faceted artist and up-and-coming producer/songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. As a drag queen, Agata knows how to command the stage and bring joy and entertainment to her audiences. Agata's unique blend of creativity, humour, and the unending need to create make her a force to be reckoned with in the art and drag world.

In addition to her performance skills, Agata is also a designer and music producer, as demonstrated by her recent album release, "SPACEY," for which she produced all of the art, music, and recording in its entirety. The album, which is available now on all major streaming platforms, is a collection of 17 eclectic tracks that showcase Gogh's unique voice and songwriting skills.

"I spent four years writing and re-writing and now I finally feel confident in my ability as a musical artist," she said. "It's a reflection of my personal journey and the things that inspire me, and I hope that it will resonate with listeners in a meaningful way. Follow Agata on Instagram at @agatagogh

Track Listing:

Small Town Queer
Holly Cinnamon · Holly Cinnamon
Show Me You're Here
Glow Motive · Glow Motive
Free Love
Juicy · Juicy
You think you know me
Agata Gogh · Agata Gogh