Queer FM Episode February 28, 2023

QueerFM Featured Guests : Kwolanne Felix is a queer writer, student, and gender equality and environmentalist/ BYHAZE is a singer, singer writer and creative content entrepreneur

8:00am - 10:00am

Kwolanne Felix (she/her) is a queer writer, student, and gender equality and environmentalist. She was born in Haiti, grew up in Miami, and currently lives in New York City. She is a senior at Columbia University studying History focusing on the African Diaspora.

Kwolanne writes creative nonfiction, opinion pieces, and personal essays where she reflects on issues surrounding gender, sexuality, race, as well as pop culture from intersectional perspectives. Her writing has been featured in feminist publications like Ms. Magazine, and Malala Fund’s Assembly, as well as the Columbia Spectator. Learn more by following @kwolanne on Insta or check out her website at kwolannefelix.wordpress.com


BYHAZE (he/him) "The Architect of Healing Sounds" is a singer, singer writer and creative content entrepreneur dedicated to the progression of his community through sonic healing, visual evolution, and artistic philanthropy. BYHAZE emerged onto the scene gifting audiences with his ocular narratives as not only a model, but a photographer/ photojournalist. In this realm he has been featured in a wide variety of publications such as Vogue, Afro-Punk, Essence, Allure and many more.

He amplifies the need for global evolution of self through sonic healing, visual transformation, curative manifestation, and the theory of UBUNTU, which means "I am, because you are".

Believing that all things are divinely guided, Haze, created his “Repeat After Me" affirmation series on TikTok accruing 130K followers, teaching audiences about the power of manifestation. His single AFFIRMATION, went viral on TikTok and led him to Coachella to offer soundbaths and affirmation workshops for attendees.

ByHaze is fluent in many creative disciplines but uses music and dance to amplify the spaces he and his people occupy. He recently debuted the Mixtape “Clarity”, that included the breakout hit “Magnetic” followed by the acoustic version.

These projects exude joy and uplifting energy & include healing harmonies, singing bowls, wind chimes, and acoustic instruments for an organic feel. Peaking at #8 on the Itunes R&B Charts during its debut week, prompted the release of live acoustic performances and meditative visualizers. Learn more and follow the artist via his website at www.byhaze.co

Track Listing:

Weeping Waltz
Nappy Nina · Nappy Nina ft. Cavalier
Sad Slow Sexy
November · November
Oh My God
Affirmation Song
ByHaze · ByHaze