Queer FM Episode December 6, 2022

QueerFM Featured Guests:/L0GAN (they/them) is a a poet and vocalist/Holly Cinnamon (she/they) is a queer femme-inist lesbian actor, singer-songwriter

8:00am - 10:00am

L0GAN (they/them) is a gender fluid artist who aims to achieve ambiguity with their sound. Primarily a poet and vocalist, the inevitable development into song writing and composition was catalyzed by the use of an electric guitar.

Catchy melodic lyrics, gritty R&B cadence, mixed with a raw soulful integrity, L0GAN wants their music to make you think and feel. Heavily influenced by classic blues and jazz chords, juxtaposed with hip hop and latin drum and bass rhythms, they are striving to carve out an alternative space in the modern pop era that can’t be defined by just one genre. Their debut single NEW CLEAR is available now on the streamers and for more on the artist, follow them on Insta at @logansloud


Holly Cinnamon (she/they) is a queer femme-inist lesbian actor, singer-songwriter, poet and embodiment educator hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, currently based in NYC. Holly has been singing and writing songs since they can remember, but only during the pandemic did they transition their creative energy fully back to songwriting.

They have written over 50 songs and released five singles so far in 2022 and they self produce their music through their record label, The Female Gayze.

Holly is inspired by her identity as a queer woman, a feminist and trauma survivor and her relationship to her body as both a subject and object. They collaborate with arranger and musician Matthew Lowy.

As an actor, she has appeared in Marvel’s Daredevil, Hocus Pocus 2 and will appear in the next season of HBO’s hit show Succession, set to air in the Spring of 2023. Their latest release THE LANDSCAPE OF YOUR MIND came out in late November and for more on this busy artist, visit www.thefemalegayze.com

Track Listing:

Ready to Go (Republica Cover)
Strange Breed · Strange Breed
New clear
L0gan · L0gan
Now That I Am
Brayo Bryans · Brayo Bryans
Landscape of your mind
Holly Cinnamon · Holly Cinnamon