Queer FM Episode September 2, 2022

QueerFM Featured Guests : Hyaenas Sophie Heppell (guitar, vocals), Jessie Robertson (bass), Jen Foster (drums) and Luvia Petersen (synth) a new Indie Rock band/ JON COHEN EXPERIMENTAL cult-pop gems and multi-threat instrumentalist

8:00am - 10:00am

2021 saw THE HYAENAS launch onto the music scene in an explosive sold-out performance alongside iconic rock duo, The Pack AD and they haven’t slowed down since.

Embodying the energy and ferocity of the animal they are named after, Hyaenas is a new Indie Rock band breaking into the Canadian music scene. With fun, catchy hooks, their songs are written through a queer feminist lens; exploring meaningful themes from acceptance to vigilance, celebrating a love of nature, witchcraft, and social justice while drawing inspiration from 80’s icons The Go-Go’s to modern day Indie darlings, Warpaint.

Born in a pandemic, Sophie Heppell (guitar, vocals), Jessie Robertson (bass), Jen Foster (drums) and Luvia Petersen (synth) have a palpable chemistry making this new band feel like it has always been.

Each Hyaena comes with a breadth of accolades: notable performances include showcases at SXSW, Reeperbahn, Canadian Music Week, and Breakout West; Festivals such as Dawson City, Vancouver Pride, L-Beach, and Warped Tour; and supporting slots for Metric, Mother Mother, Rancid, and The Buzzcocks.

Their 6-track debut EP Little Trophy, produced by Elisa Pangsaeng (Yukon Blonde, Said the Whale) and Jesse Gander (The Pack AD, White Lung), is set for release in early 2023 with singles dropping throughout 2022.

Fantasy prom king, master crafter of cult-pop gems and multi-threat instrumentalist JON COHEN EXPERIMENTAL is a Montreal troubadour who’s stripped down rootsy tunes bring us all back to the countryside of our minds. Blues, folk, and pop all collide with organic immediacy, creating sweet but potent stories that spring from a natural and infectious sense of curiosity.

Surrender to the cozy hug of a well-worn sweater, sipping on a dark roast, looking out at the rain, and wondering, “why don’t I come here more often?”

This dynamic one-man band's beguiling art rock on-the-spot inventions and melodic hooks promise a sultry escape from those pesky workaday hang-ups. At times folksy, indie and at times grungy, the E.L.O vs. 90’s vibe is raw and unapologetic. To learn more about Jon, visit his website at www.joncohenex.com
Little Trophy, their first single released in June of 2022 is the perfect introductory song - it pulls you into a pocket of grit and groove, pairing punchy bass and drums with catchy melodies and crystalline harmonies. With powerful lyrics that rebel against the sexual objectification of women, Little Trophy makes you feel the layers of the patriarchy unapologetically. For everything and all things Hyaenas, visit them on socials @hyaenasband and their website, at hyaenasband.com

Track Listing:

Faded Like A Feeling
Tegan and Sara · Tegan and Sara
Little Trophy
Hyaenas · Hyaenas Band
Rocket To Mars
Jon Cohen Experimental · Jon Cohen Experimental
Nice Guy
Fab The Duo · Fab The Duo
Run Away
Keith Mangam · Keith Mangam