Queer FM Episode May 31, 2022

QueerFM Featured Guests: Brian Nkoyooyo) is a Toronto-based aspiring singer-songwriter and newcomer from Uganda East Africa /Carlo Capobianco an Italian-canadian singer/songwriter b

8:00am - 10:00am

Brayo Bryans (he/him - real name Brian Nkoyooyo) is a Toronto-based aspiring singer-songwriter and newcomer from Uganda East Africa. A human rights activist, Brayo has used his musical talents to advocate for LGBTQ+ Rights in Uganda and empower, sensitize, and educate about LGBTQ+ issues. He is the Composer of the Ugandan LGBTQ+ movement song called the Kuchu Anthem and is a Co-founder of the community-based Organization called Icebreakers Uganda, which opened up the first LGBTI clinic in Uganda, giving free access to health services to the Ugandan LGBTQ+ community.

With the assistance of Toronto based organization Rainbow Railroad, Brayo left his country to seek refuge in Canada away from persecution due to his work. It was the hardest thing he had to do, uprooting himself to start over from zero. He moved to Canada in June 2019 with nothing but a backpack of worn-out clothes, his music, and his voice.

He is the first recipient of a You Do You Foundation music grant and is set to debut his first single NOW THAT I’M HERE with renown Canadian music producer Velvet Code on the 9th of June at the So Fierce Music event, A Fierce and Fabulous Affair, in Toronto. To catch Brayo’s inaugural performance, go to Eventbrite.ca/sofiercemusic. Brayo is also a member of a QueerFM Van fave, MANifesto, the musical group based in Toronto. For more on Brayo and his music check out his website at www.brayobryans.com
For more information on Rainbow Refugee and the important work they do assisting LGBTQIA+ refugees: https://www.rainbowrailroad.org/
For more information on the YOU DO YOU Foundation assisting (canadian based) LGBTQIA+ musicians in need: https://www.youdoyoufoundation.org


Carlo Capobianco (he/him) is an Italian-canadian singer/songwriter born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Carlo’s fascination with pop music started in his early years - he would create mixtapes for school and do choreography with friends in the gym, instead of doing normal gym tasks. He took several months of vocal lessons in his teenage years and studied pop culture and pop music heavily.

Carlo recorded his first single with Adam Fuhr, head of recording studio House of Wonders. Shortly thereafter, Carlo quickly recorded a full album. ‘Pray To You’, with three accompanying music videos. Carlo is constantly writing music, Setting out to create classic pop hits, he blends his deep knowledge of pop-music and classical songwriting to create memorable, exciting pop tunes. Follow Carlo on socials @carlocapobianco or on his website at www.carlocapobianco.com

Track Listing:

Forget You
Not Sisters · Not Sisters ft. Shaun Finn
Love Yourself
Brayo Bryans · Brayo Bryans
Next To You
Morena Roas · Morena Roas
Sleeping With The Enemy
Carlo Capobianco · Carlo Capobianco